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Tips For Buying Your First Real Estate Property In Mumbai

Choosing your first real estate property in a deep-pocketed capital like Mumbai, investing in buying the same can be really tiresome at times! Although there are umpteen instances where people have earned themselves a real good fortune with this particular form of business,, since business is all about taking risks and earning or losing through them, there have been instances where people have been ludicrously deceived.

Therefore, as we know that prevention is better than cure, it is always a wise plan to do some research before investing your hard-earned money into something really essential which is ultimately going to be fruitful in the near future.

Here are some quick tips to be kept in mind before buying your first real estate property in Mumbai :

  1. Perform a research

Perform thorough research regarding the location and accessibility of the particular property. Since it is all about the sea and the Marine Drive which is the heart of the city, property for sale in Mumbai near or maybe around the place may yield a lot of income for you. The love and liking for a natural landscape have always been in trend. Being an investor, you must conduct an analytical approach based on financial factors and not on the basis of personal choices. Remember, business and institutions are never driven by emotions! 

  1. Minimal negotiation of price

Set your own boundaries, in this case, …look for able partners. What if you want to invest in posh areas like Bandra, Worli or maybe South Bombay? To be brutally honest, not everyone can afford investing in such places. Being a true businessman, set your prices according to your will and of course negotiate to some extent as per the demand of your partner because of better understanding, higher the success!

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3. Choose your partners wisely

Firstly and most importantly, try and avoid partnering up with your close or known ones or friends. And if by chance you are doing so, be very precise with your statements and dealings.

People tend to choose known partners just for the sake of faithfulness and trust, which most of the time turns out to be worse but definitely, there are exceptions. Some earn huge profits too. If you are a first-time investor, please take care of your own comfort zone and always try to be on the safer side.

  1. Approvals, Permissions, and Agreements

To be on the winning side, always get your approvals, permissions, and agreements done on time. In other words, be a genuine investor, for the simple reason that, Mumbai isn’t a place of the commons. It is Saudi of India, people there have more business plans than any other state. And as it is known, political business is a huge issue in the country which can never be resolved. Alas!

To avoid any such complications, clear all debts and pending loans, get every document legally authorized and try and avoid circumstances which involve unfair means such as (commissions). Also, secure a down payment and calculate all your profits and losses right from the beginning.

Don’t wish to buy one? No problem! Go for a place on rent. There is no shortage of properties for rent in Mumbai.

That is all and that is it. I hope these tips will be of little use to you all. Best wishes to all the newly-made investors of Mumbai! Prosper!

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