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Creative Bar Stool Placement Ideas

Most of us associate a bar stool with a Bar and do not usually expect to see elsewhere. There are a few exceptions like that a pub themed restaurant and when it is used for several other decorative purposes. Investing in bar stools using Afterpay is a good idea since it has several practical uses around the house as well.

There are many different types of bar stools; some of the more popular ones are as listed here:

  • Stylish: If there is a special requirement for a themed kitchen or another place the stylish version with the color of your choice is the best option. These are elegant stools that can swivel and adjusted for height and usually in bright colors. 
  • Fixed height: The fixed height stools are useful for use at a fixed location or countertop with the option of selecting the color and limited style options. 
  • Wooden: These are simple stools with minimal features for those who love the retro wooden effect. 
  • Bold Red: This is a good choice to jazz up a place to make the room vibrant and give it a glossy effect. Such stools will usually use ABS plastic, be tough and help make a place look funky. 

Bar Stool Placement Ideas

  • At the Entrance: Not many people have furniture in the entryway; for those few who like to decorate it; the barstool is the perfect option. Some of the common methods of using it include holding a set of keys or placing a decorative bowl. Placing it near a shoe rack for convenience while wearing the shoes is also a good idea. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one of the best places for a bar stool since there are many places it fits in depending on the design of a kitchen. From a savvy low sitting stool for a country kitchen, wooden stools with a steel base that serves the purpose of extra seating to fancy stools in creative designs, there are many options. Some of the other creative designs for a kitchen stool include a modern looking one with minimal use of material, retro style and wooden stools with a custom design. 
  • Dinner Table: A dining place is a popular place to have a stool as well, such stools are usually ones with extra comfort like a backrest, adjustable height amongst other features. 
  • Reading Corner: Book lovers can create the perfect reading corner in their bedroom or any other suitable place of the house. It can include a bar stool in the home library or a corner set-aside special for reading. It can be used as a table for placing a cup of coffee, a pile of books to read in the reading area. 
  • Bathroom: A bathroom is one place of the room where you can let your creative juices run wild and design as you please. Besides placing all the necessary fixtures and including vital features several people include other items like plants and other decorative items. A bar stool can also find a good place in the bathroom for the purpose of decoration, placing baskets or bowls or toiletries. 
  • Charging Point: With every individual in the house having their own set of electronic devices to charge; it often becomes hard to find a free spot to charge your device. Investing in a bar stool and placing it strategically, especially for the purpose of charging next to an electrical socket can solve this issue.
  • Balcony:  A balcony is a place where one can spend some time sipping a cup of coffee, reading your favorite book or enjoying the view. A bar stool in the balcony is thus very useful. It can even be used to place plants.    
  • Breakfast bar: Some of the modern kitchens have special designs to include a breakfast bar. This will usually be a high counter, kitchen Island, or some other design that includes a high table. A bar stool is best suited for the seating of this type of area. Besides being good for decorative purposes it is also very practical. 
  • Bedroom: A bedroom is a perfect place for this type of stool; it can be useful as a side table or even to place the phone or tablet. It is the perfect option to solve the seating necessary for a vanity mirror. It is a space-saving option for seating in the bedroom since it can easily be placed in a corner or tucked away when not in use.

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