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Airport Currency Exchange: Watch out for high fees

International airports are full of currency exchange providers and seem the ideal places to get hold of foreign currency. But are they the best places to change your currency?

If you have exchanged currency at places other the airport, you might know that you might not get the best deal there.

Here’s some more information on what to look out for.

Should I exchange money at the airport?

Take a look at that the exchange rates offered to you by currency exchange providers at the airport. Now compare it to the mid-market exchange rate. You may be surprised to see the big difference that exists between the two.

Exchange rates at airports can be particularly bad. People passing through an airport are a captive market and many people put up with the rates that airport currency exchangers provide.

But there are many different ways you can get your foreign currency, other than an airport.

In your city

In your own city, you might well be able to find better exchange rates rather than at the airport. Do it at home before you go. For example, Texas currency exchange offers the best currency exchange rates at several locations throughout Texas.

If you think that you can get a better deal simply by withdrawing cash with your debit card in a foreign ATM, think again. There will be fees charged to you by the foreign bank and the exchange rate will again be unfavorable for you. But foreign But ATMs may still prove cheaper than using an airport currency exchange service.

Avoid paying high fees on your money exchange at the airport

  • Prepare in advance. The later you leave your currency exchange, the greater the likelihood you would forget and be forced to exchange currency at the airport. Spend some time before your trip, decide on a budget and buy your currency from the local, reputed currency exchange service.
  • Get a good deal on. Compare the deal you’re being offered to other places. Don’t accept a bad rate. Many good exchange services, such as Texas Currency Exchange, will beat the rate if you can show that better rates are available elsewhere.
  • Don’t get out more than you need. The more money you get out, the more you lose out on a bad exchange rate. So, try and exchange only that amount of cash what you absolutely need.

If you are looking for foreign currency exchange without any hassle in Arlington or San Antonio, Texas, call Texas Currency Exchangeat 888-975-6009. At Texas Currency exchange, we will help you with any questions about exchange rates, the type of currency you will need for your travels and more.

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