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All You Need To Know About Channel Letter Signs

A mere sight of your brand's Custom Signs in NYC is enough to get much information about it. Apart from the name of your business, the signage delivers much more than it. The color, style, and size present a tone of your brand. It has probably enhanced setting the trend of channel letters. The exterior signage leaves a considerable impact on customers, extending a hit on business. You must be wondering what exactly channel letter is and how does it help us. 

Let us learn to comprehend it and its various types: 

What is a Channel Letter?: Channel letters are 3-dimensional signage, making it embossed from the wall. A heavy-duty material, rust-proof aluminum is used to make each letter or number. Depending on the size of the entire design, the depth of each letter is determined. A translucent acrylic covers the face of each character on the channel letter. The letters and numbers, chosen by the company for channel letters, may be installed in two forms. They can be placed individually or to a  race-way that gets mounted to the wall.   

What are the different types of Channel Letters?: Channel letters have successfully gained much importance over the years and have made businesses gain the needed recognition. Look for the different types of channel letters you can choose for your business. 

Front-line Channel Letters: Commonly known as the standard channel letters, they mostly occupy themselves at retail malls and shopping centers. Surfaced with acrylic and lightened from within by using neon gas tubes or LED modules, this signage successfully delivers you an appealing appearance. At times, the surface additionally gets covered by a translucent overlay to provide the desired color or shade to the signage. 

Open Face Channel Letters: These are the aluminum can in the shape of a letter with the open side acting as the face that includes an exposed neon-tube. As this form of signage has failed to meet the demands of light law, its market has reduced over time. 

Reverse Lit Channel Letters: Commonly known as halo-lit channel letters or back-lit channel letters, it reflects the lights on the mounting surface. During the installation, a gap between the mounting surface and the rear of the sign gets ensured. The front of the characters is covered with aluminum, while the back gets overlaid by polycarbonate. It is to prevent creatures that may nest inside the signage. A firm face of signage is what a viewer sees with this type of signage. Installed off the walls with studs makes the light glow around each letter from the rear of the character. 

Specialty Channel Letters: These characters are distinctively customized to satisfy your business needs. You can add-on color-changing neon lights, neon letter colors, or light-emitting diodes to enhance the beauty of the signage. 

What are the advantages of Channel Letters? 

Channel letters are occupied with many advantages. Perceive them as stated under: 

Ideal Visibility: This particular advantage is what chiefly makes the signages popular. It is because of the top-notch visibility, and properly-sized channel letters that it makes it is easy to find your company, even from a distance. 

Energy efficient: When compared to the neon counterparts, the LED Channel Letters saves up to 30% of your energy. Moreover, the installation process does not take much time for completion. 

Durability: Though lightweight, aluminum is a durable material. It is capable of handling different weather conditions such as snow, rain, sun, ice, fire, and even the powerful winds. Moreover, they are affordable and need little maintenance. Also, the repairs to the channel letters are more manageable than to the neon signs, which takes weeks for repairs. 

Customization: The versatile process of building the channel letters allows you to adapt the design of any size, shape, color, typeface, or style. As aluminum is durable, it enables the creation of any special requests.


The channel letters is a piece of expert equipment for creating an influencing brand image for your company. Get them designed for your company and make a long-lasting impact on the targeted customers. 

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