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Where should I use cash and card during a foreign trip?

Most people feel confused when it comes to using your cash versus a card while on vacation. The answer will vary, depending on your personal preference and where you’re holidaying. Here are a few tips to help you balance your vacation budget.

Price Tag

A good rule to remember is to use your cards for higher priced things like plane tickets, hotel bookings, and car rentals. It is better to save your cash for smaller buys like meals and bus or train tickets.

Use cash

You have no other option but to use cash in a market or bazaar where only cash is accepted. It is best to do some research before you leave and find out the cost of some common items and souvenirs you may want to buy and the markets you plan to check out. You also may need some cash for tipping servers or cab drivers. Don’t forget to do your own research about tipping norms in the country you’re visiting.

Use card

If you already know you won’t need cash for the day, it may be a good idea to leave it at the hotel or somewhere safe. If your destination is known for pickpocketing, your cash will be gone before you know. However, cards can be frozen or blocked simply with a phone call and your money can stay safe.

How much cash?

The amount of cash you need will depend upon your destination or your personal preference. However, a 70/30 split of cash and card purchases is recommended. So, once you have decided your budget, visit a trustworthy currency exchange service and get the foreign currency.

Sell your leftover cash

Since, more is better than less when it comes to cash, carry some more cash than what you think you would need. You will be grateful when you have it and you have to pay for something you had not foreseen. And if you are left with some cash at the end of your trip, you can always sell it back to the currency exchange service where you had bought it back home. Remember that most currency exchange services do not buy back coins, so ensure that you spend your change!

Do some research

Before heading to your destination, research about the cost common items you may need, so you can make a budget. Also check the local tipping culture, pickpocket risks, accessibility of ATMs and credit/debit cards’ acceptance.

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