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3 Boxing Footwork Drills You Should Know

3 Boxing Footwork Drills You Should Know

When we think of boxing, we tend to think about knockouts and punches. Nonetheless, beneath the surface that captures the imagination lies a wealth of techniques that is responsible for what we see in the ring. And one of the most essential parts of boxing is footwork. It sets up the offense and puts the boxer in key positions to unleash their best combinations. It also has the power to get them out of some tricky spots, and it is also an integral component of good defense. If you want to improve your footwork and learn some, look for a boxing trainer in Brooklyn.

Here are a few boxing footwork drills you probably want to know

The Jump Rope

This may seem like a basic exercise in boxing, but it can actually be incredibly complicated in its advanced stages. Learning how to jump rope as a beginner is tough, yet once you get the rhythm down and get the hang of it, jumping rope starts to become second nature to you. The more time you put into a jumping rope the better you will get at it.

The Agility Ladder

It just over the last few years that the agility ladder has been incorporated, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing tool to use to improve boxing footwork. You can use the agility ladder can be used in so many different ways such as in countless variations of drills. Many trainers use this modern training tool to teach boxers how to utilize their feet in various movements, both naturally and unnaturally. It also builds rhythm and fluidity.

Box Jump

This is a plyometric drill that adds to a boxer’s explosiveness. A player needs it to instantly shift between moving around and offense. It helps them move across the ring, glides with ease and runs circles around their opponents. Box jump drills give them more spring in their bounce, and there is a myriad of different box jump drills that boxers can perform, and they can get more advanced by raising the height of the platform to various levels. You can also perform drills at varied speeds, it doesn’t matter whether you do it slow or fast. Some of the box jump drills include marching box jumps, single-step jumps, and double feet jump.

If you want to learn the many footwork tricks, look for a boxing trainer in New York who can train you.

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