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An Ultimate Guide To Oil Pulling

An Ultimate Guide To Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an old traditional remedy technique to maintain good health. It involves swishing essential oil in the mouth for a prolonged time period of 10-20 minutes. When you swish an amount of coconut out, it will remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene. Oil pulling, a method which has been practiced for centuries in southern Asia, is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. If you are adopting oil pulling practice, purchase Young Living oil pulling products from a top distributor online. The brand is a pioneer in producing essential oil blends and oil-infused products.

How To Do Oil Pulling

If you are new to oil pulling, there are some guidelines you will need to follow. In order to get an effective result, read the following instructions to do oil pulling.

  1. Get an essential oil
    When you decide to invest in oil pulling, search for a reliable distributor that sells top brand products online. You can choose your suitable oil from a variety of naturally extracted oils. Some of the widely used oils are sesame oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, and palm oil.
  2. Preparation
    Prepare the oil and other ingredients the night before. As soon as you wake up in the morning, you can perform the oil pulling before eating anything.
  3. Swishing
    Oil pulling is the first thing you do before eating anything. Take a tablespoon and pour the oil. Swish the oil around your mouth for 10 - 20 minutes. Make sure the oil fluid reaches your teeth, gums, and tongue when you do it. 
  4. Wash your mouth
    After swishing the oil, spit out the oil. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. Make sure you spit out the oil,  because it will start to reabsorb if you keep it in the mouth for a longer time.

If you want to experience the best result, try switching different oils for every week. You can also add other remedy ingredients. Buy different types of Young Living oil pulling oil and roll-ons them to get the best result.

Benefits Of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling not only cleans your teeth but also serves several benefits to your health and mind. The key benefits of this practice include:

  • Reduces the number of harmful bacteria found in the saliva and plaque in your mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with sesame oil will decrease in levels of microorganisms that cause bad breath.
  • Oil pulling helps reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay and avoids cavity in teeth.
  • Decreases the existence of bacteria and plagues that contribute to gum diseases and oral inflammations.
  • Oil pulling is an easy technique and you don’t need a degree in medical science to practice it.

When you are determined to start a routine swishing of essential oil, get Young Living products and ingredients from an authorized supplier. If you have any health issues, consult your physician regarding the usage of essential oils and other remedies.

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