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How To Clean Your Leather Jacket While At Home and Keep It Looking Fresh

Once fall hits, our jackets, cardigans, and pullovers come out. It is an indication that winter is on its way. We enjoy this weather with some hot beverages and covered clothes such as leather jackets, that not only look good on people but also do a good job of protecting the person wearing it. But similar to all clothing, this too needs to be cleaned and maintained to keep it looking fresh and wearable. Below are two methods you can implement while at home to help clean your jacket.

First Method

Step 1: Prepare a soap solution

Add hot water to a bucket and put in a small amount of detergent to work up a small mild solution that won’t seep into the fabric and damage it but can be used to wipe off the surface of the jacket.

Step 2: Dampen the cloth

Once the soapy solution is ready, take a soft cloth and dip it in to wet it just enough to make it damp. Using a wet cloth can lead the water to seep in the jacket and spoil it completely. So in case you wet the cloth, ensure to relieve it off excess water and enough to be capable of wiping off any dirt or stains there might be on the jacket.

Step 3: Do not press the cloth against the jacket

Remember to not press the cloth into the jacket, rather smooth motions on it will yield a better result. Focus on stains and discolored regions and be careful when wiping over them since they could be worsened by the effect of the motion and the pressure you put on it.

Step 4: Wipe off with water

Upon wiping off all dirt and stains on the jacket with the soap solution, take another cloth and dip it in water, not making it wet and wipe off the soap solution on the jacket gently. Wash off the soap gathered on the cloth from the jacket and reapply as and when required. Once satisfied with the job, hang it to let it dry. But do not let it dry outside in the sun since that will damage the leather, especially when it is a little wet from cleaning. Let it dry inside the house.

Second Method

Step 1: Read the manufacturer's instructions on the label

Prior to applying any cleaning method by yourself, it is always a safe and recommended fact that you should check the label on the jacket. It clearly states what to do or not to do when it comes to cleaning your jacket. This will avoid any mishaps at your end and also the jacket will not be spoiled. This fabric can spoil if handled properly, hence you should also explore the option of leather dry cleaners in Denver or wherever you reside. These professionals will know exactly how to treat your jacket right and clean it the right way while they’re at it.

Step 2: Protect your jacket

To extend the shelf life of your jacket, it is best to spray it with some waterproofing agent. This will help protect it against water. If the jacket comes in contact with water, it will roll right off it preventing any damage of any kind. But remember to spray it regularly, it is not a one and done job.

Step 3: Additional protection

There are specialty leather conditioners available in the market that better help and advance the life of your jacket. Using them once a year only on your jacket will better protect your jacket and help expand its look all the while retaining its shine.

Step 4: Soft leathers should be left alone

If your jacket is made of soft leather, it is recommended that you let the professionals handle that because one wrong move can permanently damage or tear it and then fixing it won’t give the same look it did previously. To better help with this task, search for professionals in your area for example leather dry cleaners in Denver, and the most prominent names will show up. Since dry cleaning, not an expensive option and you need to get it done once maybe twice a year, it would be best to let the experts handle it.

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