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Here Are The 5 Best and Must-Try Indian Restaurants In New York

Do you frequently get disappointed with your hunt for typical Indian food in New York? Sure, you can satisfy your cravings with another basic round of an average dish but why just satisfy when you can have all the pleasure to experience the bliss of a delightful Indian platter in your meal. Yes, New York City has notably given a tough competition to the best Indian restaurants in London. The city in the past few years witnessed the emergence of finest food spots ever which believe in catering to you with not just the delight of food but also with a vibe that connects to your soul and compels you to visit the place again and again. 

This write-up is surely going to help you explore the best Indian Kitchen in NYC. Here are 5 of our topmost deserving Indian restaurants you will definitely not regret showing up to. 



The best Indian food place in Tribeca and maybe all of New York City, Tamarind Tribeca is not only one of the finest restaurants but has also been leading all the others in the list for so many years. This posh restaurant has been working for the past 9 years and has never failed to please its customers in history. This place has sustained being the finest eating house by catering to its customers with the best quality of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The specialty of the place includes the buttery Chilean sea bass with green chili, mint, coriander and tomato kokum sauce and the malai halibut with mace, cardamom, coconut and ginger sauce. 



Imagine being catered with the most delightful Indian food in an extremely sophisticated environment. Felt like a dream? Imli caters you with a perfectly quiet and elegant location to dine out with your friends and family. With Imli, you are surely going to explore the faded taste of the most authentic, traditional and delightful Indian platter. They serve you a blissful platter of delectable food and cater your buds with the traditional yet modern taste of the Indian cuisine. The place houses a range of extremely delicious dishes including the Bangalore Meen Saru Fish Curry, Lachha Paratha, Jodhpur Bhindi, Chicken Tikka Masala, Nawab Chaamp, Andhra Gutti Vankaya Kura, Ratlami Poha Kabab and many more that together make it a must-try place in the city. 


Set in the heart of Le Parker, Indian Accent is the first international venture of Rohit Khattar that came up directly as a source from a well known Delhi restaurant. The restaurant has set itself apart as an outcome of the creativity of its chef, Manish Mehrotra, who has reinstalled the traditional taste of authentic Indian dishes but not by turning it on as a subject of fine dining. The restaurant is famous for ghee-roasted lamb, served with a bamboo steamer filled with roti pancakes, the delicate stuffed Kashmiri morels, and yet many delicious dishes. 


Rahi, in the foodservice industry has come up turning the coin for the modern Indian restaurants in NYC. This restaurant is known for elucidating and recreating the regional Indian food with local NewYork ingredients. It is a renowned caterer of a dish of cornbread, mustard greens and jaggery butter plays on saag roti, ground lamb and cumin potato mash and a lot more. 



As the name suggests, this restaurant is a proven expert in Awadhi specialties like simmered lamb shanks, masala-wrapped whole fish and a leg of lamb, all slow-cooked via a sealed, heavy-bottomed pot. The focus for this uptown Indian restaurant, named after a region in the Northeastern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has been shifted to the dum pukht, a slow-cooking northern tradition. Awadh has maintained its worth to be one of the best and must-try restaurants in the city. 

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