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Why is Mumbai known to be the best place for IVF treatment in India?

Due to low-cost charges, plenty of well-established IVF clinics with advanced hospitality run by acclaimed doctors and precursory medical equipment, and utmost maintenance of sanitization, Mumbai is the country's most distinguished place for recording a great number of successful fertility surgeries to cure infertility of the reproductively-challenged couples not only in India, but also from the foreign lands. Surrogacy treatment in Mumbai bears the country's reputation as the procedure follows the most celebrated techniques of the World's advanced Medical Science. IVF centers in Mumbai exist in a huge number and most of them facilitate egg donor clinics and surrogacy centers.

What does happen at an IVF Center?

IVF Centers mainly performs medical actions to solve certain issues of infertility of both men and women, pregnancy complications, Recurrent pregnancy loss testing and performing ART( assisted reproductive technology) methods like IVF, IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, Surrogacy, etc. IVF centers in Mumbai perform all these operations to help infertile couples to have a baby together.

What is an Egg Donor Clinic?

Egg Donor Clinic is a center where a woman helps another woman to conceive during IVF treatment by donating eggs. The eggs will be fertilized by artificial insemination of the intended father's sperm or a donor's sperm, collected through the 'sperm washing' method from the semen, to make embryos that are later inserted into the womb's lining of the subjected mother via embryos transfer so that she gets pregnant.

How safe is surrogacy treatment in Mumbai?

Surrogacy Treatment in Mumbai is conducted through the advanced IVF procedure and it is undoubtedly safe for infertile couples who want a baby. After the failure of all ART methods, Surrogacy remains the only light for hope. There is nothing to worry about the shady demand of the surrogate mother over the begotten child if the couples have already made a legal contract with the birth giver. Once the baby is born, he/she will be ritually handed over to the legal parents. The surrogacy is fully accompanied by law and done under the supreme supervision of expert doctors and surgeons.

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