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How To Buy The Right Toilet That Matches Your Bathroom Perfectly?

The toilet is one of the most important appliances in a bathroom and no bathroom is complete without a toilet space. Even though it is one of the most humble appliances in the bathroom, you need to keep in mind certain things while buying a toilet.
There are many toilet installation services that will do the installation work for you. You simply have to look up the toilet installation services in your area to find good services. Say if you live in Denver, look for toilet installation in Denver and you will immediately get a list of various services in the city.
Nonetheless, take a look at these tips to buy the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

Types of toilet
Before you go on and purchase a toilet, you should at least know what the different types of toilet are and which one is perfect for your toilet.

Traditional toilet
Traditional toilets are timeless designs and can give your bathroom a very vintage and classic vibe. These types of toilets are the most versatile ones and available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Pull chain, low-level lever and high-level lever are different types of traditional toilets that you can choose from.

Close-coupled toilet
Close-coupled toilets are perfect for you if you want a bathroom that exudes a vibe of luxury. These toilets are generally used in high end and luxurious bathrooms and if you want your bathroom to look sumptuous then this is the right choice for you.
These toilets are extremely stylish and generally come with a cistern. The tank and bowl in this type of toilet are two different pieces and are joined together by means of bolts.

Back to wall toilet
Back to wall toilets are the right choice for you if you want to give your bathroom more of a contemporary look. These types of toilets have a smaller footprint, which makes it ideal for small bathrooms as well. Available in shorter projection length these toilets are suitable both for small and large bathrooms.
Installing back to wall toilets is a bit more complex than close-coupled or traditional toilets but their space-saving quality makes them an idle choice in most cases.

Wall hung toilet
Wall hung toilets are the latest trend in bathroom installations. These toilets are preferred mostly if you want a very modish or minimalistic looking bathroom.
These toilets have a nice visual appearance. They are mounted on the walls of a bathroom, which leaves a lot of space underneath the toilet and gives a floating appearance. Not will is it aesthetically pleasing, this type of toilet can hold over 400 kgs.

Cost of toilet
While you want your bathroom to look all the part great and classy, you should also take into account the cost of the toilet so that you can stick to your planned budget. Toilets can cost from 100$ to over 1000$. The idea here is to make wise decisions. While you shouldn’t go for an extremely cheap toilet as what you pay is what you get. But also keep in mind that you don’t pay way too much for it. Also while buying a toilet keep in mind about the toilet installation cost that will add to the cost of the toilet unit.

Water efficiency is a key factor
Water efficiency is a crucial factor while it comes to selecting a toilet. Water conservation is a major issue these days and the water efficiency of a toilet can contribute to the conservation of water. Also, the more water-efficient your toilet system is, the less you have to pay on bills.

Color and theme
Finally, you should also pay attention to the design criteria as well. You want a toilet that not only serves as a utility function but also goes well with the theme of your bathroom. Your toilet should match your bathroom surroundings and make it look visually pleasing.

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