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10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Closet

Women usually have a lot of clothes and outfits in their closets. However, there are a few articles of clothing that are essential; that a woman must have in her wardrobe. Sometimes we wonder if this dress or that heels would look good on us. Sure they look awesome when our favourite celebrity wears it but what if we are the ones who are more of ‘whatever's comfortable, quick and easy.’ and let’s be honest, we all don’t have the budget to get every type of expensive clothing articles. This is the same case with accessories and handbags. We would see a famous personality carrying a camouflage clutch and just because it’s trending, we’ll want it but we won’t be comfortable in it.

What is the clothing that you need in your wardrobe?

An outfit you can wear at any time of the day: Social media has had such an effect on us that it has become important how people perceive us. We try on different items and post pictures on Social media channels like Instagram. However, there should be a dress that you can wear all day and repeat many times. With just a bit of fashion creativity, you can add an unexpected element to your outfit and give it a fresh feel every time easily. Pair it with a jacket or a different accessory, it’ll be different every time.

Classic black pants for any occasion: If you don’t find black leggings, you can go for these pants. It has a comfortable stretch and nice structure and fitting. You can never go wrong with a pair of black pants, be it for a dressier office environment or any occasion. Black pants are available in many styles that you can try on for different look every time.

A delicate multiple-layered necklace: This type of elegant accessories can make any outfit look polished. Social media sites are best for inspiration, if you’ve been following any influencers, you’ll see the trending necklaces of pendant, coin and zodiac designs. Nowadays handbags are also counted as accessories, just carrying a classic golden clutch can change your look. You can also buy a camouflage clutch for a more intriguing and casual look.

A pair of good ankle boots: This wardrobe essential goes with everything. Every outfit looks funky and casual, giving you a classy look overall. These are lightweight and doesn’t weigh on your feet. A pair of classic leather ankle boots can be best for you.

A reinvented little black dress: We know this typical piece of clothing as ‘little black dress’ but what if black is not your colour? There are so many interesting essentials to have than a black dress. Pick a dress that will suit any occasion. Whether its a presentation or a dinner, having a dress like that can work for every occasion. A simple exchange of shoes and accessories makes a lot of difference. The important thing isn’t the colour but the way it fits.

White sneakers: A good pair of sneakers is the most important essential in your wardrobe. They are the most casual and go-to pair of shoes. Sneakers are comfortable and suits every outfit, even brides go out of the way with their wedding outfit and pair it with a pair of white sneakers. They are old-school though still in very much demand.

Beautiful and fun hair accessories: Usually, hair accessories were saved for formal occasions, now, they are a welcome addition for your everyday use. Easy to style and use, these accessories enhance your look. Along with it, a signature item is very important. It is the best you have in your closet and it is made to dazzle everyone. A signature piece could be a faux or leather jacket, a pair of pants. Whatever it may be, it should make people think of your personality.

These are the few essential items that you must have in your closet for all the times you think that you don’t have anything to wear. Get yourself these articles and accessories or handbags and clutches, which are also important.

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