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Discover The Top 7 Things You Don’t Know About Quartz Countertops

Choosing the right countertop for your kitchen can easily leave you baffled. Making the right choice here could be tricky.To begin, first you need to decide between the top available granite and quartz countertops in Fort Collins. Though each of the two have their own pros and cons, however, quartz or engineered stone have sustained as the most popular countertop for a notable period. But choosing a material, depending on its popularity might not be right for your kitchen. So if you are considering to use quartz for your kitchen countertop then you need to explore a few things about this material. Here we have mentioned the top 12 things you might not know about the quartz countertops.

Hot pans cannot be set on them
Although the quartz material is proven to be heat-resistant and highly durable, you need to act careful with the material when it comes to putting a hot pan on the surface. You can consider this to be a flaw in the product that it cannot handle the heat from a hot pan. Placing any such appliance on the surface might result in discoloration or cracking, thus damaging the material to an extent.

All of it is not actually quartz
A quartz countertop cannot be considered as a 100% bearer of quartz, rather these days the material is a blend of grounded quartz, resin or polymer binder and a little bit pigment for color and pattern. The blend, on facts, holds only about 10% of the overall volume of quartz in the material. To sum-up the quartz countertops are not just quartz, they are created with a mixture of tons of other items.

The material is strong but it might chip
As said before, the material comes being extremely durable and strong but we cannot ignore the fact that says anything in the world isn’t perfect. The quartz countertops can and will definitely chip off over a period of time, especially from the edges around the sink which are more consistently loaded with bunch of utensils.

You have walked on quartz countertops
You might not know this, but as compared to the kitchens and bathrooms, the majority of quartz countertops are used at airports, malls and shopping centers. So there is a huge possibility that you have walked on the quartz countertops without even knowing it. Quartz, in the past have highly been used to cut down for making the floor tiles. So the maximum of it is used for the same purpose in malls and hubs rather than in bathrooms and kitchens.

They have set their limits on size
The quartz countertops come up with their own limitations where they cannot cross the size of the machines producing them. The average size of the slab for this material is  56″ x 120″, although jumbo sizes, measuring  63″ x 130″, have also been made available to cater you with comfort and a complete range to choose from. Depending on the size of your countertop you need to look for a material that can have the appropriate size available for your kitchen.

Multiple finises are made available
Unlike before, a larger range of finishes are made available that includes matte, sueded and honed finishes, for starters, which have a softer, less glossy appearance along with the ultra-sleek and modern finishes that have already been in place for a long time.

They are not DIY friendly
If you are a handy person then you need to know that quartz countertops are not at all DIY- friendly which means you do not have a chance to consider doing the blocking and lamination of your countertop yourself. Trying to do this without a warning might be the simplest way of putting any DIY off.

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