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What Are The Most Important Information Regarding The Salesforce Acquisitions 20

Salesforce is generally considered to be the number 1 CRM of the world and it has also made many of the acquisitions in recent years. Also, a few of them have even reached up to billions of dollars.

So, the main aim of the company towards these acquisitions is still undisclosed but several analysts predict that there are some clear strategies that are mainly associated with each one of them. This has led to the increasing demand for salesforce consulting services in recent days. If you're interested to hire an Enterprise web development service, visit this website.

Some Of The Major Acquisitions Made By Salesforce In The Year 2019

1. Griddable

On 28th January 2019, Salesforce has acquired Griddable for an undisclosed amount. This was basically a startup which was involved in providing a platform for the synchronization of the enterprise data in the cloud for its customers.

It is based in San Jose, CA. With this acquisition, Salesforce has plans of expansion of the CRM platform for its customers by way of offering the cutting edge technology. This will again help Salesforce for becoming market leader in the CRM solutions.

2. Salesforce Foundation

Salesforce again announced its integration with the Salesforce foundation which is known as This acquisition was made with the aim of working with many non-profit organizations such as educational institutes and charities.


While considering the Salesforce development, specifically the developers should have a clear idea regarding Salesforce acquisitions.

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