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The Basic Know-How of Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is one of the first social media sites that opened the doors of social media marketing for us. Although a few social media sites were still there before Facebook, it gained popularity after Facebook came into the business.

In 2019, there are other social media sites that have overpowered Facebook yet it is still the best for advertising your business. We know by now that Facebook is the best website to promote your company but it is important to know how to do it accurately and effectively. Social Media Advertising is very much different from other types of advertising, it has its own considerations.

Before you dive into Facebook Advertising, you need to get a basic idea of how to go about this social media advertising. If this is too much of a responsibility, you can always hire a social media agency.

This guide and tips will help you understand advertising campaigns on Facebook:

Start By Having a Facebook Business Page - If you have a business page for your company then make sure your profile is completely filled out and if you don’t have your page then you need to get one up and running. You need a Facebook business page to be able to advertise on Facebook.

The platform is for building relationships and socialize so it is very important for you to have a pronounced presence. Keep in mind to fill up the information that the visitors would like to know about you, don’t be vague divulge all the information about what your company does.

Get To Know Facebook Before Advertising on It - It’s better to get accustomed to the business page while you have a personal Facebook account. You can open the Facebook advertising account while you start your business page.

Personal posting is a little different from business posting. You should be conversational but keep in mind how it will reflect on your company. Also, temper the way you respond to your commenters or the way you comment on other’s pages.

Open Your Facebook Advertising Account - Facebook makes it too easy to open an advertising account which can also prove to be dangerous as it may lead you to wrong paths quickly and it can lead you to budget-breaking. Think about what your campaign is about because facebook will ask you to choose the right type of advertising campaign based on your goals.

Know that you will not be getting any direct sales from your Facebook ads. You will need to communicate and start a conversation with prospects. It is a long term strategy for building trust and brand recognition.

Get To Know Your Targets - Facebook gives you a very good opportunity to interact and connect with your prospect customers. Talk to specific people such as a single, professional, college students, etc. Don’t just pick anyone but be specific.

Prepare advertisement plans according to target groups. Advertise for target groups rather than having a blanket ad. This allows you to rotate the ads and people don’t get tired of seeing the same message from you.

Determine Your Ad Spend - Maintain a budget for your Facebook advertising campaign then spend it backward. Don’t spend mindlessly and if you need extra funds then add a mid-level amount to your budget. You should hire a social media agency, these agencies will help you in curating, managing and getting good results from your Facebook ad campaign.

Create Your Ad - Creating a Facebook Ad is much more different than creating another type of ad such as for a search engine pay-per-click ad. Stay focused on a regular ad format, get strong headlines and add vibrant, interesting images and unforgettable call-to-action. Facebook wants you to get imaginative with your campaigns.

Track Your Progress - Focus on tracking the analytics after your facebook ads go live. You don’t have to check them every hour but make sure that you are aware of what’s happening. It will help you to understand if you need to make any changes or alterations.

With Facebook advertising, you can improve the overall success of your business. It is definitely worth your time and investment.

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