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Things to know if you want to get a loan on your diamond


How do I get a loan on my diamond? Is that what you are stressing over? Well, not anymore. You can now easily get a loan or sell your diamonds in some places where you can show your diamonds and get the best price for it. But before doing so, there are some things that you need to have knowledge of. We have listed down all those things below for you.

  •   Know how the value of your item will be determined:

The loan that will be offered to you will be 65% to 75% of the actual amount of the item that costed you when you first bought them. Whichever place you have chosen, make sure that you know regarding the percentage and also choose the one that offers you the highest price.

  •   Security of your item:

You will be keeping your diamond in mortgage in exchange of money. That means sooner or later you will surely take back your item. For that reason, your item must stay well protected for the time being where it is kept in the place where you have mortgaged your diamond. Enquire regarding the security system. Ask them if your item will be kept in a security monitored fireproof vaults.

Also, be 100% sure that the place where you will be submitting your item will be taking 100% liability of providing you a replacement or pay you the complete price of the item if it gets lost by any chance.

  •   Know regarding the loan period:

Be 100% sure regarding the time of the period within which you have to return the money. Ask them it the time period can be extended if you fail to submit within the time being. Furthermore, it is always better that you ask for an extended time of paying back the loan even if you are sure.


To sum up, if you are thinking “how to get a loan on my diamond?” simply just consider the factors that we have listed above before you think of doing so. You will surely get the best price of your diamond in this way and as well as it will remain safe. 

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