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4 Important Things To Consider Before Dressing For Church

When it comes to personal style, a lot of people are excited about the idea of dressing up and accessorizing in a way that proudly proclaims to the world who they are. However, with dressing up for church, whether it is for a Sunday service or mass, the story is different. Even though there are no definite rules about what you should wear to church, there are some churches that have a dress code, albeit unwritten. They expect their congregation to dress in a particular way, for instance, certain church dresses for women are considered more appropriate than the other.

So, before you choose your Sunday morning attire, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

1.Your clothes are a reflection of who you are.

The clothes you wear reflect your personality. For instance, if your go-to church attire is sharp suits and heels, it may mean that you have a nonchalant, confident personality. On the other hand, denim shorts may mean that you have a frivolous attitude towards life, which creates a negative impression. You need to keep this in mind when dressing up for church. What you wear will tell your congregation about who you are. Think about the kind of message you want to put forth about yourself.

2.Church is a place of worship.

You go to church to worship and connect with Jesus. You need to wear clothes that will not distract you and the others around you from that purpose. Attending church is more about devotion and piety, and less about flaunting your outfits. You should also never wear clothes that mock God or your religion to your church. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wave your personal style goodbye. You can always mix and match and find common ground in between.

3.The clothes should not mask your true self.

With the world getting blinded by consumerism, people often hide under the garb of expensive clothes to portray a version of themselves that is far from their true selves. If you do the same, it is time you stop. In front of Jesus, you must lay yourself bare. Attempt to go to church in clothes that do not hide who you truly are. It truly does not matter if your clothes are designer or branded or from a thrift store. In the eyes of Jesus, each man is equal.

4.Modesty is a sign of respect.

In Christianity, modesty is valued and it is something that should be upheld in the church as well. You must not dress in provocative clothes. For women, tight dresses, short skirts or deep-cut blouses are a strict no-no. Men, too, should not show up in clothes such as shorts and muscle t-shirts. Did you know, in some churches, even sneakers are looked down upon?
If you think your wardrobe doesn’t really have the right church-appropriate outfits, there are numerous brands and online stores that can help you. You can easily find beautiful church dresses and church suits for sale with some of the trendiest styles available for you to explore.

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