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General Types of Tonneau Covers That You Need To Know About

Tonneau covers come with multipurpose usability, compatibility and most importantly provide a degree of security to the truck bed.

In this article, we have got you covered with the most common types of Tonneau covers so that you may easily choose the right type for your truck

Knowing about the main types of Tonneau covers helps you in selecting the right type ideal for your needs.

In fact, there are 5 types of Tonneau covers and going through the following descriptions on each of them will let you chose the right one depending upon your style, budget, security, and need.


The roll-up tonneau covers come with great versatile, comfort and increased capacity design.

Generally, there are two types of roll-up tonneau covers and these are either hardtop roll-up tonneau covers or soft top ones.

A roll-up tonneau cover is a nice, solid and practical choice for those who usually carry large objects on the truck during days.

This type of tonneau covers rolls up to the front of the bed and secures with straps.  Compared to hard top roll-up tonneau covers the soft top ones are an affordable option. However, the hardtop covers come with most security and more cargo coverage.


The retractable tonneau covers come with different mechanisms compared to roll up ones but the usage and functionality of both the covers are almost the same.

Retractable tonneau covers needs lest maintenance and with such a cover you don’t have to worry about replacing it. Some of the best retractable tonneau covers are considered as the highest durable truck cover and are also extremely lightweight.


The folding tonneau covers is considered as the most common type of tonneau covers and there are bi-fold, tri-fold and multiple folding points available for these types of it.


The hinged tonneau covers come with completely different mechanisms than that of folding or roll up ones and are basically hinged at the back of a truck.

This type of tonneau covers is easy to open and close with one hand and provides excellent coverage to the rear-most portion of the truck bed.


The snap tonneau cover comes with aluminum frame and vinyl covers snapping into the frame and is a flexible cover type for providing coverage to any part of the truck.

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