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How to Treat and Recognizing the Stages for Dry FIP?

Generally, FIP Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a nasty disease that can cause great confusion and distress. This disease is always fatal in its active stage.

Nowadays, the feline Infectious Peritonitis is mainly found in young cats. According to research in the US, there are more than 800 home cats die can cause FIP. If you are a contentious cat parent then you need to aware of this deadly cat. 

FIP is considered to be caused by a virus from harmless bug coronavirus. This virus is mainly found in young puppies and kittens in the form of mild diarrhea. Moreover, it is a very unique disease in the way it affects cats. There is no other disease in humans and animals are like that. This virus directly affects the cat’s white blood cells and spared throughout the other parts of the body.

Mainly FIP “Feline Infectious Peritonitis” coronavirus is of two types such as Wet FIP ad Dry FIP. There are many ways through which you can easily recognize the stages for Dry FIP and Wet FIP. 

Here are some symptoms to recognize the stages of Dry FIP in cats:

Let’s considered below!

Symptom # 1

In wet FIP appetite changes:

If your cat suffers from Dry FIP disease then it starts loss of appetite. It can be related to immune system function, digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndromes. A cat may decrease the amount of food that they eat regularly or sometimes may stop eating. Moreover, the abdomen may swell and the cat looks very week. 


Symptom # 2

Observe the respiratory problem:

Fip can cause in the form of diarrhea then for recognizing the stage the Dry FIP first checks the cat respiratory system. The fatal coronavirus deadly disease directly affects the cat respiratory system and can cause of cat to show difficulty in breathing, sneezing and wheezing the whole day. Moreover, the respiratory system affected by Dry FIP directly connected to the fluid building and creates a chest cavity. 


Symptom # 3

Poor Health issues:

In this second type, dry and non-effusive feline Infectious Peritonitis diseases cat have poor health issues. If your kitten is suffered from this type of FIP disease then they may stunt growth and not progress as per their age.  

On the other hand, cat affecting by dry FIP shows yellowness inside the eyelids and anemia the sign of jaundice. The cat may fever and start to show the symptoms of depression or laziness. 


Symptom # 4

Eye- Symptoms:

Sometimes, most of the cats show eye symptoms in Dry/ non-effusive FIP. The cat eyes may be swollen or become inflamed. You see the eye show redness on the white lining and maybe eye started bleeding or small in size. Another symptom of feline Infectious Peritonitis cat loss these seeing ability and change color. 

If you want to protect your cat from this deadly disease then there are many ways are given below:

  • Keep the cats living quarters neat and clean.
  • When the litter box of cats is empty clean it properly with water. 
  • Regularly wash your cat’s belongings.  
  • Make sure your cat up-to-date on her vaccinations so, that your cat not affected by outdoor cats and kittens.  

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