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Career In the Casino Industry in India

This excitement is not just about the thrill of waiting for who is going to win in Indian teen patti or the sound of big jackpots in blackjack games. After all, a lot of casino employee make a minimum amount of wage. It’s maybe something much more at the primary level that is so appealing. Some people love being where the action is. And, for those, they love careers in the gaming industry as there is never a dull moment there.

So here is a list of some career opportunities that one can have in this casino gaming industry:


Dealers work on casino floors while operating table games. They generally stand around the tables, dispensing cards, chips, or other props to players. For some Goa casino games, dealers must calculate winning hands, usually by comparing them to their hand. Dealers are also tasked with handling high-value chips, distributing winnings, and collecting players’ money.

Casino Host 

Though this career may seem better categorizes under a hospitality position, the host’s entire job is to get people to encourage to spend even more money than they planned on gambling. Working as a casino host is among the more glamorous of industry jobs.

The best casino hosts have clientele lists studded with A-list names and they do the work of a hotel concierge, and salesperson for all a casino’s big clients. The casino hosts are beautiful, smiling, and professional people who make it their job to satisfy every customer need. From greeting VIPs at the door to pampering them regularly with special offers to arrange for tee times and restaurant reservations, the host does it all.

Gaming Surveillance Officer

Gaming surveillance officers patrol the casino floor electronically and sometimes manually as well. They also play a preventive role in many cases as a visual presence on the floor. Gaming surveillance officers are much more than just security guards. They have to work in casino observation rooms and use AV equipment rather than old-fashioned work. Surveillance officers often work long hours, thanks to the 24-hour operation of gaming venues.

Slot Supervisor

If you play slots, the slot supervisor is the employee one wants to meet. This position is low-level management that puts a person in charge of the entirety of a casino’s slot collection. All slot attendants and other employees report to the supervisor, who’s also tasked with overseeing the maintenance of all video poker and slot machines. Often slot supervisors perform hand-pays, so they get a lot of face-time with happy customers.

Pit Boss

Pit bosses act as the managers of the casino floor. Each area of the casino floor, known as a pit, is like a separate business, with its security procedures. The pit boss is the manager of that each business, thus, responsible for all gaming operations in the area where they’re assigned. Pit bosses supervise all other floor employees and report directly to the management. A pit boss is generally an experienced gambling industry worker. A Part-time manager, gambling enthusiast, and PR man, the pit boss is in charge of almost everything.

The gaming industry is becoming lucrative day by day. If anyone has an interest in making a career in this industry do it. Don’t wait! This is the right time!

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