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Are Girls Better at School than Boys?

This is a never-ending debate. Some people ask this question from a sexist perspective, in this case, the approach is more feminist. It is not about which gender performs better; it is about who chooses to perform well. As seen through experience, both girls and boys are equally capable of excelling academically. At times girls perform better, but boys can go that extra mile too. Our question is general; it is not restricted to a certain group. Further, a discussion will be done below with the help of facts.

  1. It is a fact that girls want to do better academically in general. They have a more harmonized and determined attitude. On the contrary, boys can be nonchalant when it comes to academia. They go with the flow; boys mostly do not believe in taking that extra step.

  2. Girls are usually more competitive academically. They want to be the best. So they put in extra energy into studying. Boys are competitive too, but they do not see the point of rivalry in academia. They follow the saying; “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?” If they are passing all classes and filling all the requirements to get into a decent college, they do not push it.

  3. Girls are more consistent. They study throughout the semester constantly for a good grade. On the other hand, boys are more performance oriented. They have a slack attitude throughout the semester and put in all their effort towards the end of the term to get a better grade.

  4. Girls have the strength to choose books over television. They mostly are better when it comes to decision making. However, boys are built differently. They tend to have a short attention span and get bored easily, so they choose a fun thing to do over studies.

  5. Another thing that gives girls an edge over boys is; they take class notes. It is very rare for boys to take notes. They rely on their memory when it comes to class lectures, which obviously is not a good move.

  6. Girls are more organized, which helps them study better. Most of the boys are nowhere close to the word organized. At times they cannot find the course work because of being disorderly.

  7. Girls normally are good listeners that is why they do well in school. They always attentively listen to their teachers. Boys get distracted easily and end up losing track of what the educator has to say.

  8. Boys tend to daydream more than girls. Girls daydream too, but not in school.

  9. Some boys are a part of the school sports team; this automatically impacts their performance in school. Girls are part of the sports team as well, but they believe in creating a balance. They will not give all their time and energy to sports alone, they will focus on their books too.

Putting everything into consideration, both girls and boys from nowadays are very lucky. Being born in the 21st century means everyone has the internet. Everybody can cope with school work, due to various sites that provide professional academic help. Sites like “Help me write my essay” provide all the assistance that one can need to get better grades. All you have to do is go online, enter the site, and ask for help. They will provide the perfect guidance to do the homework meticulously. Whatever the case, both the genders can do well in school. It is the nature of both the sexes that hampers their determination of doing better academically.

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