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Instantly make your blog better

here are thousands of websites that pay Google just to stay on the top of its page 1. But even though they pay like flowing water for these ads, it has been observed that internet users are more interested in organic websites.  

This is where the magic of blogging steps in. 

 Know that a good blog can skyrocket your website without costing you a single penny! 

You simply don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for good ranking. 

Did that just made you sprang out of your chair with a sound of “whaaaaaat”? 

Obviously, who on earth does not want that? 

But before you start writing blogs blindly..

1-Remember! Your headlines/titles are the powerful magnets

Write title as much catchy as you can. Magnetize users with the strong pull of your words. Write something that grabs the attention of the user instantly.

2-Use simple and easy language

Do not use complex vocabulary. Instead, use simple and easy words that are even understood by little kids.  

3-Write compelling and informative content.

Always add information that is relevant to your title because even if your blog’s title successfully magnetizes readers, it will disappoint them if you have not added promised information and they will never visit your website again.  

Plus . . . . . 

Make sure you write in a way that is not only interested to humans but spiders as well.

4-Never ever add lengthy and boring paragraphs!

Always write short paragraphs. As long paragraphs bore readers, and they instantly leave.  

Remember! It’s a blog, and it’s not that someone has told you to write my essay

5-Good interface is the key to magnetize users

Make sure you have an interactive interface of your website. 

In addition, make sure you add multiple good quality images because they give compelling aesthetic to your readers. 

6-Use your keywords smartly

for keywords that have more impressions but are used less in content over websites. 

Also . . . . 

Do not blindly insert keywords in your blog; it causes keyword stuffing.  

7-Keep everything connected

Remember! Flow is everything in writing a blog, do not break it. Moreover, avoid every single thing that may confuse your readers. 

Use these simple tips and ta-da! Enjoy free organic traffic with blogging!

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