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Look closely and think about this topic?

in today's world where society is the driving force behind our actions, it is impossible to deny the fact that college is not the only way to reach somewhere. Even if you are a diehard fan of life without college, society will put you into such misery that even reluctantly you might end up attending one. Here, I tell you if you aren't the person who thoroughly enjoys school burdens what others called assignment, listen to my advice and follow your heart. Not everyone on earth is required to learn school activities such as assignments that include, how can I get free essay writing service for me.

You must always listen to your inner voice

There are a lot of reasons why some people aren't ready for college. For some, it's the financial barriers that they can't afford. Some aren't motivated enough to attend school while some don't like colleges and the pressure of studies. Either of the cases if college is missing from your life you need not to worry.

I understand that everyone else is going to college and they brag about the quality of their it and how fancy is their school environment with lots of good friends. Hold on for a second and listen to me. Look, I have also attended college and today I regret wasting my time sitting in a close box called classroom wasting my four precious years after assignments and writing a research paper that have no meaning. I am pretty sure today all the written work I have submitted are crushed in a garbage can!! No use at of those research paper at all.

I attended college not because I wanted to, but because my family wanted me to. When I think deeply I even believe that despite financial barriers why some families still put their children to college. It is nothing else but societal pressure. We do what our parents want us to do, and they do it because of society. In today's world, unfortunately, we do things that do not interest us and don't bring the best of us to the front.

See! If one attends college and misses most of the classes and do not participate in discussion due to lack of interest what is the use of wasting time, money and energy at college. To earn a degree? Is the degree worth anything? How many students who are graduates are hunting for jobs around you? If the the degree is the only way to have a stable future then why most of the youth is depressed and into drugs?

I don't intent do discourage those students who love school in a real sense. Those students who enjoy working on essays and assignments, group presentations, poster making should be more than welcome to join colleges. However, like them, the choices of other students must also be entertained. Always remember, you are first best as yourself and second best as others.

There are short courses, for example, you may take classes in photography, graphic designing, and other computer skills which require learning in less time. You are not what society thinks you are. You are who you want to see yourself. At times it becomes hard to go against already set up ideas and norms, sometimes you feel like fighting against the masses but trust me no price can pay the person you become when you follow your heart.

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