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State of the Internet on the American Countryside

State of the Internet on the American Countryside

Rural life is calm and more joyful compared to the hustle and bustle of the same old urban humdrum. For people who move to the country have to face one problem, though: the scarcity of broadband internet. It has always been really hard for people to stay connected in rural areas. There are no decent internet providers in my area is said at least once amidst the conversations rural folks get into every day. They could go without using the internet except in this day and age, the internet is like a conduit through which every type of information that matters to human beings travels. Disconnecting yourself from such an information portal can be difficult to deal with. Therefore, many service providers are looking to give reliable access to the internet in these areas. Some are even trying to install fiber optic cables.

The undeniable necessity of broadband in rural areas

The Internet is a necessity. We cannot deny that. We rely on the internet to give us real-time ratings of popular shows. We rely on the internet to purchase goods and services from the best in the business. We rely on the internet because our children need to have access to all the online learning opportunities otherwise not available to them. It has become faster than ever to apply for a job on the internet. There are even more answers to why you might need the internet if you check out some of the AT&T bundles in your area.

In defense of the Internet Service Providers

People in rural areas of the US don’t have as much ease of internet access as urban Americans. The disparity is real with the Federal Communications Commission’s 2916 report saying that nearly 40% of rural Americans cannot access the same broadband internet services that people from the cities can. Compare this figure to just 4% of people living in the city without their Frontier and AT&T internet access. There are people who could use broadband internet but it does not seem like the best option for them given the not so good quality of internet service.

But there is hope. The overall broadband network is getting better every day in the countryside. Residents of rural areas do realize the benefits of a connected world and so do many of the internet service providers. There are considerable efforts being made by many service providers with Windstream internet leading the race. Windstream has impressive high-speed internet networks operating in many of the rural areas in the US.

Realistic Internet Options in the Rural US

It is not the easiest of tasks to search for the best internet provider in a rural area. You should not worry too much though because IRG Digital provides you with a vast array of service providers who can give you access to reliable internet. There are offers that range from no contracts and data caps to amazing add-ons. Centurylink internet is also among those services that come on top. AT&T, HughesNet, and Windstream are the most famous internet service providers in rural areas. You can get your connection from any of these by going to IRG Digital.

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