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7 Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Gift Boxes this Christmas!

7 Fun and Festive Ways to Decorate Your Gift Boxes this Christmas!

Christmas is the season to give and to take, so there comes a needs to wrap the surprise. Gifts boxes are the best solution to hide your surprises. You can have a small or large box to wrap your belongings inside. They can be made attractive and eye-catching by decorating them with entities that mark the upcoming of the celebration.

These containers are the first and foremost thing that the receiver sees when receiving the present. There are numerous ideas that you can apply to them to make them personalized and memorable. Here are seven ways to decorate your Christmas surprises.

 Spark of Creativity:

You can use the custom printed gift boxes to pack your belongings inside. They can be printed with all sorts of templates, photos, and designs according to the event. You can add the pictures of the kids playing or happy faces if the present is for the children. Children love cartoons so you can make them printed with Santa cartoonish pictures. You can make it more creative by drawing anything on the plain sides of the containers. You can colour and paint them using different colours to make them love by everyone.

 Go, Wood Woody:

Instead of using the cardboard tag, you can make one of the wood. Use a small wood chip and cut it into a circular or rectangle shape. You can tie the gift carton with rope for the better safety and attach this hanging woody tag to that rope easily. You would need a drill machine to make a small hole, sand them for smoothness, and a ribbon to tie.  You can use these homemade tags attached to your handouts.

Thread and Buttons:

Are we going to sew something? The answer is no, but as needles and threads are found in every house, so we need some buttons as well. Thus instead of using the bow, try some different and easy one. You can use a button to lock up the gift wrap. You can use big buttons with four holes in between them. Adjust them in the center and us those four holes in the button to run the thread through them. This way, you can make perfect different symmetrical designs on them.  You can order custom gift boxes wholesale that are affordable to buy and can design them like this to attract everyone with your creativity.

Use Socks:

Why not! There are countless socks that are laying in the drawer that may be no more of your size, or lost the other pair or have been out of fashion.  You can use them in a funny way to cover your gifts inside. You would only need some different colored socks and a ribbon to make a knot at the top. You can place the gift packs inside them and close the opening by knotting with the help of ribbons. Further, you can embellish them with the help of buttons, stones, and beads to make them look beautiful among other parcels.

  Play with Colors:

Custom gift boxes are in high demand due to the use of quality material and customs design. They are easily available in all shapes, sizes, and styles according to the product that needs to be preserved inside. They can simply be enfolded with plain white, red, or green colour papers. Moreover, they can be decorated by applying polka dots of the contrasting colours that give it the right look of Christmas colours. You can even use the tiny pom-poms to decorate the covering. You can use glue to attach these little pom-poms to create a design or pattern on them.

All that Glitters:

Christmas Gift boxes look prettier when a touch of shine and glitter is added to them. Another idea to decorate them is to take the right shape and size of the box and brush all over the surface with the glue. Now dip it in the glitter and make sure that every place and the size cover with the glitter. Allow it to dry completely; then, you can attach a card or a tag if you want. You can apply coloured glitter or just the golden and silver. Glue some conifers leaves at one corner to make them look like a Christmas tree in the snow. 

3d Packaging:

Christmas Gift Boxes are loved by everyone. Thus they can be further decorated by attaching small toys to give them a look of 3D encapsulation. You can attach a pack of chips, cookies, crayon colours, or a small car that would be a fascinating packaging for the receiver. You can take a wool ball to make the nose of reindeer by making a face with the help of your thumbprint and a pen to make their horns. The wool ball nose can be attached with the help of glue. Thus this sort of creativity would be appreciated and loved by everyone.

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