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4 Ways to Transform Your Room’s Appearance with Navajo Weavings

It’s normal to get bored from the same old frames and embellishments. So, why not add some colors and blend in artistic culture to your space? With Native American culture, you can dramatically change the appearance of your room besides creating a relaxing ambiance. As authentic Native American rugs and blankets’ designs are handmade, the richness of the culture maintains the vibrancy for decades.

When you want to add richness and warmth to your room, shared are a few ways that you can try to add a splash of colors and bold geometric designs:

Use a floor rug

Tightly woven Navajo rugs, available in different styles and designs like crystal design rugs, elevate the aesthetic appeal in a heartbeat. As they are extremely durable, you can use it on the floor for years, without worries. Some rugs may last over 100 years and still add grace to the floors. To maintain quality, you have to take proper care, though. From common living space to formal areas, Navajo rugs beautifully blend in with different flooring materials like stone and wooden flooring.

Hang on the wall

Another popular way to use Navajo rugs for home decoration is as wall hangings. This prettify idea works best when your home has large walls. Rather than covering your bare walls with frames and artifacts, add a stunning design with intricate patterns to beautify the space. Not only eye-catching Native American rug designs make a statement but also set a warm, acoustic mood in your room.

Showcase on the table

Adding colors to your room is possible with a Navajo rug display on a tabletop. The same can be used over a bench or a pool table to keep the tops covered. Adding these embellishments at such spaces becomes a talking point for guests. What else would be better for flaunting your love and interest in traditional Navajo weaving?

As a Bedspread

To bring warmth to your bedroom with bold, geometric designs, add an artistic Navajo blank at the end of the bed. Consider wool weaving with stunning colors to attain a luxurious look or go for contemporary Navajo rugs to bring add spirit and dimension to your bedroom. You can even add another layer to intensify the coziness.

Navajo weavings always stay in demand because of two reasons - attractiveness and durability. When you are considering to buy authentic Navajo rugs and blankets, be sure to connect with a reputable dealer only.
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