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Virtual reality (VR) technology

Customer participation has become a key element for brands in order to make the customer journey as immersive and interesting as possible. Virtual reality is one of the tools that companies use to interact with their customers.

This technology completely transforms the shopping experience and therefore improves the level of customer satisfaction by providing information in real time. It makes it possible to create an environment rich in new experiences by replacing concrete reality with a reality simulated by computer.

Let us cite as a good example of this Pokémon GO principle , which increases the reality of our immediate environment by adding digital images to it.

1, Technology that has enormous market value
The potential of virtual reality to impact the future of customer interaction explains the fact that giants such as Apple and Google are working tirelessly to innovate and improve virtual or augmented reality frameworks, with the launch of ' ARKit at Apple and ARCore at Google.

According to Deloitte, almost 90% of companies with an estimated annual income of $ 100 million have already started to forecast and apply augmented and virtual reality to their business , and the global market for augmented and virtual reality is expected to reach the staggering $ 94.4 billion in 2023 .

2, Some examples of putting virtual reality into practice
IKEA offers a very simple and accessible virtual reality-based application that allows customers to place furniture wherever they want. This allows them to decide which products suit them before making a purchase decision.

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