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Important Tips To Protect Your Air Conditioner During Winter

After working almost nonstop from early spring until late fall buildings it’s finally time to let your air conditioner rest unless you’re using HVAC in Port St Lucie to stay warm. With your AC off, you don’t have to worry about costly power bills or suffocating heat for a few months. But just because you aren’t using the air conditioner, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about its maintenance. Even if it’s not working, its outdoor unit is still exposed to natural elements like wind and debris. You also need to worry about rain and snowfall depending on the area you live in. And there’s always a chance of pest infestation damaging the appliance.

Steps To Protect Air Conditioning During Winter

You need to take some steps to protect your AC from damage so that you don’t need to call an air conditioning in Stuart for repairs when spring arrives.

Check For Problems

Check for problems like rusted coils, leaking refrigerant, etc. If you find any issues, have them repaired so that you don’t have to when spring arrives.

Shut Down The System

Turn of the AC using the thermostat. If it’s on automatic mode, switch it to off. Then shut the power to the unit. This is important to prevent electric shocks when cleaning the unit and just in case someone turns the unit on accidentally. Once you are sure that there’s no power running to the AC system, you can go ahead with the other steps.

Clean Condenser Unit

The AC’s outdoor unit is exposed to the outer elements like rain, snow, falling leaves and dirt. The moisture can cause mold to grow in the unit or freeze its coil, both of which can damage it. Clean the unit with a water hose and dry it. Pick up any sticks or leaves that fall in but take care not to damage the fins.

Clean Air Filters

The air filters on the indoor unit collect dust over time. It’s necessary to clean them to maintain the airflow and air quality and to prevent dust from collecting and entering the internal components. You won’t need to do this as often as you would in summer.

Winter-Proof Pipes

Cover the pipes and wires connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit with a foam covering to insulate them. Clamp them to ensure that they don’t come loose.

Get It Serviced

If you want to keep your air conditioner running in top shape, you need to have it serviced periodically. You can call your air conditioning service in port st Lucie during late fall or the last weeks of winter so that it’s up and running again when spring begins. They can also check for any minor problem and repair it before it becomes a huge issue.

Cover It

Once you service and shut down the air conditioner, you can cover it for the season. Use the covering approved by the manufacturer to protect it from snow, dirt and moisture. Using other types of coverings may allow moisture to enter the unit and damage it from the inside. Cover all gaps to ensure that pests cannot infest the unit. Check the unit periodically and clean dirt, moisture, snow and debris that may build over it.

Monitor Condenser Pad

The AC’s outdoor unit may be placed upon a pad to prevent it from sinking into the soil and coming in contact with the dirt. But the condenser pad, particularly the one made out of concrete, can sink into the soil over time. This may cause the unit to tilt and the piping connecting the indoor unit to the outdoor unit to come loose. You may need to repair or replace the pad.

These are the basic steps you can take to protect your air conditioner during winter. Some of these steps can also apply to your HVAC in Stuart FL, especially if you don’t plan on using it.

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