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How to Choose the Best Winter Tires at a Junkyard

When the winter weather approaches, you prepare for it with hats, gloves, and warm clothing. The same thought process should be applied when it comes to your vehicle. 67% of drivers don’t think they need snow tires because they have all-season tires. Winter tires are much different than summer tires. And you can choose your snow tires for a reasonable cost from a reputable Colorado junk cars representative. You just need to know how to choose them.

Their Junk, Your Treasure

Pick and pull junkyards are more than just a lot full of used parts and old machines. They can harbor the next set of used snow tires, too! Not everyone who is seeking free towing for scrap cars for cash in Denver will understand the value of what they have until they turn it in. And sometimes their junk is your treasure, especially when it comes to your tires. You can find decent tires when you know what makes an acceptable snow tire. First, you’ll need to thoroughly screen all tires for structural soundness, evenness of wear, type of construction, and depth of the tread.

Construction –

As for the construction, radial tires are the best choice over conventional (all-season). And the thing with snow tires is that is that you can’t just buy two. You would need to get all 4. It may be costly, but not nearly as costly as brand new tires. Having all four radial tires will hold better in the winter, have less rolling, and taking longer to wear out.

Tread –

The easiest and quickest way to tell a good tire from a bad tire is to check the treading. If it has some decent tread left, you have a winner. Otherwise, it’s not worth your time. If the wearbands are exposed, that’s a pretty good indication that the tread is worn completely.

Evenness of Wear –

Balding on the edges, cupped, or dished is a tall-tale sign of a bad snow tire. Always ensure that all 4 of the set have an evenness in the wear of the structure.

Structure –

Look for damage with the construction of the outside of the tire before making any decisions. First, check the tire’s exterior by running your hand over the side and front for bulges, cuts, and punctures.

Storing Your Snow Tires

Once you can know for sure that ice and snow are done for the season, you can safely put your all-season tires to use again. Stacking snow tires can take up some space and storage units are available for those who don’t prefer to keep them in a shed or garage. The best way to keep your snow tires from being susceptible to damage is to cover them with a thick and protective tarp away from heat and potential damage.

Whether you need snow tires or cash for an auto salvage, Victor Towing has you covered. We buy your junk vehicle so it doesn’t take up any more of your space! Contact us today to get your salvage estimate today!

Source: How to Choose the Best Winter Tires at a Junkyard

How to Choose the Best Winter Tires at a Junkyard

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