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Top Things To Look For Before Choosing An Electrician!

When it comes to electrical work, there’s no room for mistakes. No matter whether it’s a relatively simple repair job or a complete electrical installation in a brand new building, you simply must have the right contractor working with you.
If you are searching for electrical services in Stuart, the simplest projects involve working with systems and power that could literally send your business up in flames. This is no time to cut corners!

When having any sort of work done in your home, make sure we get quality work done at the right price. Choosing a tradesman can be a hectic task if you don’t know what to look for.

Below are the top things to look for when choosing an electrician:


The most important factor to consider at the time of choosing an electrician is whether they are licensed. A license is an ultimate guarantee that the contractor has done the necessary courses and practical work to perform the job safely and correctly. Some electrical licenses may carry various sorts of restrictions, but it is important to make sure the electrician carries all the necessary insurances. You must ask the, to see copies of current policies and make sure they have not expired.

Qualification & Experience

Not all electricians are the same as many will be having some extra qualifications while some may have accreditations. choosing a Master Electrician always gives a guarantee that the electrician has at least 3 years’ experience and must offer a 12-month warranty on his/her workmanship. Using a Master Electrician will ensure that you must receive the highest standard of workmanship and electrical safety. An electrician holding this type of accreditation must have extensive knowledge of energy-saving products and technology.

Are You Insured?

Whatever the work your commercial electrician is doing, it has a tendency to burn down your building if things go wrong. Your electrical contractor simply must be insured. There’s no negotiating on this point, where you must ask for documentation that proves they’re covered, and make sure the documentation is current with their coverage is actually in force.

Must ask How Will They Perform The Job:

Are you yet aware of the three T’s? Tools, team, and trucks. Do they have the best tools? Are their teams well-trained, knowledgeable, and responsible? Specifically, you can ask who holds the master license in their shop which will actually be doing the work: maybe the apprentices or the journeymen.  This is a great chance to inquire about payment, as well.
A good electrical contractor should be able to repair work done in one corner of the building, or you’d rather not shut down the whole operation if you don’t have to.


Don’t forget to take note of if they arrive for the quote on time or if they are held up.  A professional appearance and attitude are the most important factors which are reflected in the quality of the workmanship provided. Nobody gets entertained while dealing with a tradesman who displays a bad attitude or sloppy workmanship.


Check licenses and insurances.
Is their quote fair?
Is your job specialized, and if yes then do you have experience in that field?
Has anyone recommended them or can they show you references?
Do they have a professional attitude and appearance?

Value for money:

Always make sure you communicate exactly what work you require and the exact fittings and materials you would like to use, along with checking if the amount is fair, as this will make it easier to compare one amount to another. Choosing an electrical contractor on price alone is said to be highly unwise as there are other important things to consider.

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