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Japanese Ferns | Cyrtomium falcatum

Japanese Ferns | Cyrtomium falcatum


Japanese ferns, also known as Holly Ferns, look a lot like shrubs and can add a beautiful green accent to any room.

The Japanese Holly Fern have dark green, glossy fronds (leaves) on long arching stems. The leaflets have serrated or toothed edges. These hardy plants are easy to grow and can even placed in hallways or entryways where their might be a cold draft. You can search helpful information about Japanese Fernswith plant with wild plant identification app.

Temperature & Humidity

In spring and summer regular home temperature is quite sufficient for this great plant – 65-75F. From fall through the winter season, its resting period, place it in a cooler spot with temperatures around 50-65F. The Japanese ferns can tolerate medium humidity but will thrive around other plants which naturally increase the immediate area humidity. Mist the plant if it is by itself and you have forced hot air heat.


This is a shade plant as it was in its natural habitat. Place it near a north or east window that has a sheer window covering. This fern should not get any direct sunlight. Less light is better than more.


Ferns should be watered lightly and watered often. Do not over water as this may cause the roots to root. During warmer months it may need water almost every other day. During winter try to check on it twice a week and water as needed.


Fertilize with houseplant food diluted to half strength. In spring and summer fertilize weekly and during fall and winter fertilize once a month.

The Japanese Fern is by far one of the most cold tolerant of all indoor houseplants. Use this to your advantage and place this robust plant in empty entryways, dark corners and colder rooms.

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