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Why Transition Words and Phrases Are Important in Writing

Why Transition Words and Phrases Are Important in Writing

Transition words are linking words, and phrases that assist the reader to move from one concept to another. They are also used to build a relationship within the text by finding the right expression. Similarly, they also connect different ideas, introduce certain shifts, contrasts, and conclusions.

When it comes to writing essays or academic papers, transition words and phrases help the audience to understand each statement

  • Point by point

  • Sentence by sentence

  • Thought by thought

  • Paragraph by paragraph

They are considered as the supportive points that produce convincing sentences.  Moreover, impressive phrases also indicate the reader about a change in a point, a subject or a topic. These words are more likely to be present in the first sentence of each paragraph.

The primary purpose is to communicate effectively in the form of conveying and explaining. Furthermore, it also illustrates a transition in thought such as firstly, secondly, thirdly, subsequently, lastly, conclusively, next, finally and in conclusion. Lacking such cues results in affecting the academic performance of a student.

On the other hand, some essays have arguments that are supported by strong evidence. These are mainly discussed in the body paragraphs of an essay. If a reader fails to recognize the transition, they will be unable to move to the next point. It will also weaken the author’s thesis argument.

For avoiding a weak argument and low grades, students take professional help from “write my essay for me” services. They provide assistance in writing papers, essays and thesis at affordable prices and keep in mind the following things.

  • Proofreading process

  • Connecting transition words and phrases

  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Structuring properly



We have made a list of these transition words for you to include in your writing assignments. For the purpose of adding you can use these transition words.

  • Also

  • Likewise

  • In addition

  • Again

  • And

  • Then

  • In the light of

  • Like

  • As

  • Too

  • Moreover

  • As well as

  • Correspondingly

  • In the same way

  • Similarly

  • Furthermore

  • Additionally

  • Coupled with

While opposing a perspective, you can add:

  • On the other hand

  • But

  • Rather

  • On the contrary

  • In contrast

  • In spite of

  • In reality

  • Yet

  • Besides

  • Unlike

  • Although

  • Instead

  • Despite

  • Otherwise

  • However

  • Rather

  • Nevertheless

  • Nonetheless

  • Regardless

  • Notwithstanding

Phrases that present particular conditions and purposes include:

  • As long as

  • For the purpose of

  • In order to

  • Seeing/being that

  • In view of

  • Provided that

  • If

  • Then

  • In the event that

  • Unless

  • When

  • While

  • Since

  • In case

  • Given that

  • Whenever

  • Only / even if

  • So that

  • Owing to

  • Due to

  • Because of

Transition words that used to introduce different examples to support ideas are:

  • In other words

  • In this case

  • For this reason

  • By all means

  • Another key point

  • Specifically

  • Must be remembered

  • On the negative side

  • With attention to

  • The first thing to remember

  • Notably

  • Including

  • Like

  • Namely

  • Truly

  • In particular

  • Certainly

  • Surely

  • Such as

  • Especially

  • Indeed

  • Surprisingly

  • Frequently

  • Significantly

  • Particularly

  • In fact

  • In general

  • On the positive side

  • In detail

  • For example

  • For instance

 A writer should use these words in their custom essay to make them sound more compelling.









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