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Reasons Why The Light Bulbs Are Burning Out Quickly

Generally, light bulbs have a life span shorter than other electrical appliances. An incandescent bulb lasts for about 900 hours before burning out, but if the bulb at your home is burning out too quickly then there may be some problem with the electrical system. You can call electrical contractors in Port St. Lucie to inspect the issue.
There are several reasons behind a light bulb burning out and here are some common reasons why your light bulbs burn out too quickly.

Excessive vibration in the fixture

Excessive vibration in a fixture can cause the light bulb to burn out quickly. This happens in case of light fixtures that are attached to a ceiling fan and is not balanced properly, resulting in vibration.

High voltage in your home

If the voltage supply in your home is too large then the bulbs will burn out quickly. If the bulbs in your home shine too brightly and then burn out within a short period of time then you should test the voltage in your home, but do it only if you know how to do it safely otherwise take the assistance of a local electrician in Stuart to do the job for you.

Using the wrong bulb

Nowadays most people do not like using incandescent light in their home and CFL bulbs are a common replacement. But, even though CFL bulb manufacture state that they have a longer life span then incandescent bulbs and can last for 10.000 hours, these bulbs are notorious for going out way before their time. These bulbs burn out quickly if the switch is turned on and off frequently. LED lights are the best option when it comes to longevity and energy efficiency.

The bulb socket tab is depressed

The little metal tab that you can see at the base of the bulb is actually the connection that delivers power to the bulb. If this metal tab is depressed a bit further than normal then it will fail to make contact with the bulb, so the bulb fails to turn on. This is easily fixable, turn off the power, unplug the bulb and with a wooden stick bend the tab upwards.

Short circuit

This is another reason why the light bulb may go out all of a sudden. But the light has not burned out in this case, rather there has been a short in the circuit. A short in the wiring circuit of the bulb can cause it and other appliances to shut down. Turning on the circuit breaker can fix the issue in case of a short circuit.

Loose connections

Sometimes the bulbs flicker on and off and this may be the result of a loose connection. Tighten the bulb in the socket to fix the problem. Sometimes this may happen due to loose wire connections in the wire that connects to the circuit. Tightening the wires will usually fix the issue.

Wrong wattage

Another common reason for the light bulbs to go out is if a bulb of the wrong wattage is installed in a fixture. Light fixtures generally come with labels that state the maximum wattage that the fixture supports, if you install a light bulb with a wattage more than the stated then the bulbs will burn out quickly.  A wrong wattage will cause the bulb to overheat resulting in a quick burn out rate.

Insulating recessed lights

Most recessed light fixtures need attic insulations around them while some require the insulation to be held back by a few inches. Before installing insulation, check if the bulb is rated IC and if it isn’t rated then do not install insulation. Not only will it burn out the bulb quickly but it may also lead to a fire. 

Using the wrong dimmer switch

In most cases, the light bulb burns out quickly if it is controlled by a dimmer switch. If you’re using dimmer switch chances are that the wall switches use the wrong kind of dimmer.

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