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The 5 Plus Points of the Infographic

In a world where information surrounds us 24/7 and time is a great thing, the challenge is to be the brand to entice your content to consumers at least to see , getting bigger. But luckily there is the infographic.

It remains a pitfall for many brands, whether it is about content marketing via digital means or in print: they want to send, send, send so badly. And tell so much. Often with the thought "the more text or the more pages, the more attention I get." But unfortunately. This way, the consumer is not (any longer) put together. He wants content that he is looking for and at a time that suits him. But he also wants content that can be consumed a bit quickly.

1. Between the eyes (... and the ears)

A good infographic attracts attention and is to the point. At a glance it is clear what the subject is and that something can be achieved for the reader. Form and (explanatory) text reinforce each other. In this way the message comes directly between the eyes and, if it is right, also between the ears.

2. A plate with a story

An infographic has a head and a tail, a punch line - it tells a reliable story. Let story telling be the way to make people remember your message.

3. Information on a tray

An infographic does not require much effort from the reader: the (most) work has already been done for him. This makes it eminently suitable for transferring abstract or complex information that would otherwise require many words. Nice right?

4. Sharing with your friends, acquaintances, relations ...

An infographic invites you to share. Because the content is valuable and / or interesting or because the informative illustration is very nicely executed and therefore evokes emotion. And that's never wrong.

5. 'Your own face'

An infographic is made on order. That offers a brand plenty of room to let the app store develop completely in its own look & feel. This way the sender is at least nice and clear - a touch of brand cargo.

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