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Make Use Of Our Promotional Stress Balls: Introduce Your Brand Into The Market

Make Use Of Our Promotional Stress Balls: Introduce Your Brand Into The Market

How about making something that you can gift your customers that will remain with them forever? Like, why not create your presence in the minds of the customers? Well, if you agree to this, the best and affordable option that you have at hand are the promotional stress balls bulk. This works as a fantastic stress reliever. Think of the happiness that you are imparting to your clients!

This way you do two things at the same time:

  1. Promote your brand by stamping the logo on the surface of the ball
  2. Provide a gift to your client that works for relieving stress

Making of stress balls

You will come across a variety of stress balls in the market. Generally, they are composed of closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. At first, a liquid substance of this component is made to form a mold for preparing these types of stress balls. As a result, a chemical reaction takes place that produces carbon dioxide accompanied by bubbles. Hence, this gives the shape of a foam rubber stress ball.

Besides, stress balls play a vital role in providing physical remedy. These stress balls are stuffed with a variety of gel of that has different densities. This gel is usually put into the rubber or cloth skin. While, in some other types of stress balls, the inner stuffing is filled with some powdered material cover with a membrane. This filling can be a baking soda.

Shape of the stress ball

Although you will come across a lot of stress balls that are spherical in shape, yet do not be surprised if you notice any asymmetrical stress ball. There can be some stress balls in amusing shapes, some may appear with corporate logos, or some may have some funny prints. Generally, these stress balls are gifted to clients and employees for the purpose of branding. Here they work like promotional stress balls. With the rise in health issues the awareness about stress balls are increasing day by day.

How beneficial are stress balls?

  • Tension release

When you firmly hold the stress ball in your hand and squeeze it, the muscles of your wrist and hand get toned. Again, when you release the ball, the muscles expand and release out the tension within. This extraction and contraction of muscles depend upon the size of the stress ball that you decide to choose.

  • Stimulation of nerves

Continuously working with the stress balls can help in the stimulation of the nerves of your hand. The nerves of the hand are connected directly to the different parts of your brain. Further, these nerves are attached to your emotions. This stimulation by the stress balls work like acupressure in which stimulation of one area affects the other regions of your body.

  • Mood enhancement

Stress balls directly stimulate your brain and thereby help in releasing endorphins. Endorphins are like sedatives or pain relievers that can improve your mood all at once.

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