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Get To Know About The Types And Working Of Stair Lift

A stair lift is a mechanical device which is used to help lift people up and down the stairs. It is of great utility for elder people as they find difficulty in climbing the stairs. Stair lifts are also helpful for disabled people who cannot navigate stairs. Used curved stair lift for sale are available for people with low budget.

Working of curved air lift

A stair lift consists of a chair which travels along the tracks, fixed to a stairway. Inside the chair base, there is a motor powered by a battery. The motor of the stair lift turns a gear which is meshed into a geared strip on the rail. The chair moves along the geared strip when the gear turns. The direction of the motor determines the direction of the chair.

Types of curved rail lift

There are three types of curved rail stair lift- hollow tube rail, modular flat rail and custom flat rail.

Hollow tube rail: One or two tube rails are present in hollow tube rail that are curved using a pipe bender. This type of rails has less flexibility and smaller weight capacity than custom flat rail track. The gear rack of these rails are exposed which can get a limb or piece of clothing and hence are capable of causing accidents. Hollow tube rail gives smoother and faster ride than modular flat rail and it is cheaper than custom flat rail.

Modular flat rail: This rail uses many smaller modular pieces of track which are assembled on site. The chair travels over many modular joints resulting in slow rides. The presence of the joints also make the ride uneven and uncomfortable. These rails have the advantage that they are most affordable among all types of rail. Additionally, it is quicker to install modular flat rail.

Custom flat rail: These rails completely fit in your staircase as they are custom curved according to your need. Unlike the hollow tube rail, the gear rack is not exposed as the gear rack is hidden by a flange on the track. These rails have the highest weight capacity among all the rails and offer a smoother ride. The disadvantages of these rails are- these are most expensive and it takes a long time to install these rails.

Each of these rails have their own advantage and disadvantage. Select the one which best suits your need.

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