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5 Criteria To Follow When Choosing A TV stand

If you are lost in choosing your tv stand, just follow these tips. Indeed, the offer is vast, if you do not know where to start, be pragmatic. Choose a TV stand that meets these 5 criteria:


Televisions are getting bigger and bigger. This object can create a large black mass that takes over the rest of the living room. To successfully integrate it, you must “dress” your wall. The television should not be the only element present on your section of the wall. The TV bench should be well proportioned. If it is too small, that is to say just the same length as the TV or even shorter, then it risks looking ridiculous and the TV monstrous... Measure your TV and add at least fifty centimeters in order to be able to put a lamp or a plant next to it. If you have room, feel free to increase the length. The result will only be more beautiful.

Crator Rectangle Wood Extendable TV Stand Black and Walnut Media Console with 3-Drawer

Note: You will keep your furniture longer than your TV, so anticipate this change and think about the future dimensions of your screen.


The television should be at eye level. You should not raise your head so do not take a piece of furniture that is too high. Measure the seat height of your sofa or armchairs as well as the height of your screen, this will help you define the height of TV stand. This height is usually between 45 and 70 cm.


You can have the most beautiful TV bench in the world, if wires hang everywhere and form bags of knots… It's a flop! Nothing should stick out. A good TV stand should have:

  • slots for routing cables
  • cutouts at the back of the cabinet to access the wall sockets from the inside
  • a storage space dedicated to wires and a power strip
  • an open niche for the box, DVD player, game console, or other multimedia devices that cannot be hidden to operate with a remote control


As explained above, to properly integrate your screen, try to dress your wall. Your “black rectangle” should not be the only element in front of your partition. You can therefore either opt for a TV bench with a high structure that acts as a bookcase for example, or add a shelf above your composition. This additional storage allows you to display sculptures, photo frames, candles, books, vinyls, lamps or plants to enrich your decoration. The living room is a relaxation area. A successful layout is therefore warm and conducive to relaxation.


The success of your layout depends on the quality of materials and finishes. Choose high quality materials that match the style of your interior. Examine the details and ask yourself if the surfaces will withstand the many stresses of everyday life. Will the drawer slides age well and withstand heavy loads? Is the tray likely to deform under the weight of the material? Will the feet or plinth of the piece of furniture withstand mopping (some materials swell with humidity)? Check for more TV stands on

It must be recognized that solid wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, stone or even lacquered medium are of the most beautiful effect in comparison with laminate and melamine. Buying a TV stand is a long-term investment. It is a key piece of the living room that you will keep for many years. The choice of quality is never regrettable. Consume less, consume better.


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