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Questions You Should Ask An Attorney Before Hiring Them

At some point in time, you might need a lawyer to represent you for a civil or criminal case. While you do have the right to represent yourself in court, it’s always advisable to take the help of an attorney. Lawyers are familiar with the law and court proceedings and can increase your chances of winning significantly. If you need a bankruptcy attorney in Boulder, you should consult your state bar association site, websites and make a list of possible candidates. Then you should interview them to find the best legal representative for your case. Following are some questions that you should ask a lawyer before you hire them:

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Typically, you should look for lawyers with at least three years of experience.

What Type Of Cases Do You Fight?

Different lawyers specialize in different cases, you should choose the lawyer that specializes in your case. E.g. If you are charged with drunk driving then you would want a DUI attorney in Boulder to represent your case. The attorney is more familiar with DUI laws and cases than others, and can build a good strategy to represent you.

How Many Cases Were Similar To Mine?

If the lawyer specializes in multiple cases then ask them what percentage of those cases belong to your category. You should take this a step further by asking them how many of those cases had similar situations as yours. E.g. in how many of those DUI cases did the accused take the field sobriety tests.

What’s You Win Rate?

You want a lawyer with a good win rate in cases similar to yours to increase your chances.

Which Courthouse Do You Practice In?

Hiring a lawyer who knows the judges and lawyers who practice in the same courthouse may increase your chances. The lawyer is familiar with the judge’s and the opponent’s thought process and can build a good strategy for your case. So if you have a bankruptcy case in Boulder’s courthouse then you’ll want a bankruptcy attorney in Boulder to represent you.

Do You Have Conflict Of Interest?

Law firms deal with multiple clients. It’s your right to know if the interests of one of those clients directly conflict with yours.

Why Is There A Misconduct On Your Record?

You can find out about the attorney’s misconduct on the bar association site. You should ask the lawyer about the reasons behind them. If the reason seems minor enough then you shouldn’t cross them off the list.

How Long Will The Case Run?

While the lawyer does not control the case’s pace, they may be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to resolve.

What Are The Likely Outcomes?

Some cases are open and shut. You should ask the lawyer about their honest assessment of how the case will end and what can you do to minimize the damage.

What Is Your Strategy For Winning?

Depending on the nature of your case, you might either want an aggressive lawyer or a diplomatic one. They should also be able to explain why they think a particular strategy will work.

Are There Other Ways To Solve The Issue?

Some matters are best settled out of court. You should consult your lawyer about out of court settlements if possible.

What Will The Expenses Be?

Different lawyers charge using different payment plans. Some charge an upfront fee, some charge monthly and some charge a portion of the amount you receive after settling a financial case.

How Will We Communicate?

It’s important to stay in touch throughout the case. Exchange contact info and identify the best times to stay in touch.

The answers will vary from person to person. If you feel satisfied by the answers you get, you should consider hiring the DUI attorney in Boulder to represent you in court. If you feel unsatisfied by the answers you receive then you can cross them off your list. You should interview multiple attorneys if possible before you make the final decision.

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