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Tips To Create Landing Pages For Search Engine Marketing

Anyone who deals with search engine marketing in Denver can tell you the importance of landing pages in this strategy. It’s usually the first page that visitors land up in when they click an ad. Some would argue that the homepage works just fine as a landing page. However, the homepage has too many elements on it that may distract from your ad’s message. A landing page helps you increase your conversion rate by focusing on your ad’s message. That’s why it’s important to build a good strategy to use your landing pages for SEM. This will involve a combination of SEM and web design strategies.

Using Landing Pages For Search Engine Marketing

1) Define Your Goals
Your landing page’s goals will be similar to your SEM strategy’s goals. These goals may be to increase your sales, increase the number of subscribers, add to your mailing list, etc. Your page’s design and the content will depend on these goals.

2) Identify Your Target Audience
To build an effective strategy for search engine marketing in Denver, you need to know who your target audience is. Research their demographics, location, cultural background, etc.

3) Map Their Journey
Think about how your visitors will reach your page. You can either test the page yourself or ask people outside your company for help. Note issues like page not found, no CTAs, irrelevant content, etc., correct them and then publish the pages.

4) Research Your Competitors
You can take a few pointers from your competitors. See how they are using their landing pages for SEM, how effective their strategy has been and to what extent can you emulate their strategies.

5) Match Landing Page To Ad
Ideally, you should have one landing page for every ad online. But since that can be costly, you should develop one page for each PPC campaign. If your visitors click on an ad for signing up for a new PvP game, they should land on a page asking them to sign up for that game.

6) Define Your Offer
Identify your USP and explain it to your visitors briefly but clearly. It is one of the main factors that lead to conversions.

7) Use Original Content
Don’t cut and paste your content from your website. Use original content for each landing page keeping its purpose in mind.

8) Add Keywords
Add the keywords you are using for your PPC campaign on your landing pages to increase your campaign’s cohesiveness.

9) Add Clear And Consistent CTAs
Add CTA buttons in prominent places that define what you want the visitor to do. Use colors that contract the web page’s theme to attract attention. Don’t add too many CTAs on the same page because they might conflict with each other. If you have to use multiple CTAs, use those that have similar purposes, e.g. signing up for a game with different plans.

10) Add Brand Info
Not everyone is familiar with who you are and what you do. Include your brand logo, a brief about your brand and your contact info on the page.

11) Add Social Proof
To show your visitors that you’re credible, add testimonials, recognized clients and news firms that have published about you and your products or services.

12) Don’t Lead Your Visitors Around
Don’t ask your visitors to go to this or that page because it will increase your bounce rate and reduce your conversion rate. You should ask them to take action on the landing page to boost your conversion.

13) Make Landing Pages Mobile-Friendly
Use a responsive web design in Denver co to maintain the same level of user-friendliness on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Use a mobile-first design to optimize the pages for smartphone users.

14) Run A/B Testing
Develop two copies of your landing page and test which one leads to more conversions.

15) Measure Analytics
See if your strategy is meeting your goals by checking metrics like click-through rate, conversion rate, downloads, etc.

These are some steps that you should take to use landing pages to boost your SEM strategy. You may need the help of a professional to create your landing page’s web design in Denver CO.

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