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Freelance computer hardware jobs

PC Hardware Technicians work with various gear, for example, work area, workstations, servers, and PC groups. The work area expert may in some cases wind up taking care of issues identified with a wide scope of peripherals that incorporate both information and yield gadgets. There are likewise risks that the experts who are associated with framework organization will investigate organizing equipment, for example, switches, switches, fiber optics, and remote systems.

Computer hardware technician must have below mentioned experience.

describe and analyze the system architecture of a PC,
describe the architecture of a Mother Board,
compare the features and distinguish between various microprocessors,
compare the features of memory components,
install, upgrade and manage memory,
compare the features of various storage units
install, manage and optimize hard drives,
compare various system bus structures,
troubleshoot basic PC hardware problems,
Connect and remove I/O Devices

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