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How do i get a free disability car

the employment relationship of their workers, including wages, working hours, vacations, absences and so on a long etcetera, by way of collective agreement "framework" for its own uniqueness (special employment centers) and not for the sector of activity where it can provide its services. As an example, the salary of a telemarketer in the contact center sectorfull-time, 39 hours, has a gross remuneration of 934.72 euros; on the other hand, if it is regulated by the “special employment center agreement”, they would obtain a remuneration of 732.22 euros (telephone operator category), which represents a decrease of 21.66%; That is where the reduction of the salary of a person with a disability is obtained with respect to another without it, within the same sector of activity.

As in ordinary legislation, only in the absence of an agreement that regulates the sector of activity , a company can urge an agreement with the social agents to regulate and normalize an ad hoc agreement for the idiosyncrasy of its sector of activity , in case On the contrary and there is a collective free cars for disabled agreement that regulates it there is no need to regulate and normalize what already exists, in the case at hand there is the paradox that the Agreement on Special Employment Centers does not regulate the sector / s of activity where it develops / n the same (since they already exist), but the legal personality and idiosyncrasy of the companies that coexist in them (special employment centers) as well as if they were cooperatives or other associated work entities.

This is one of the consequences, not the only one, of the transfer of personnel with disabilities, from ordinary companies to special centers, as reflected in the statistics indicated above.  Circumstance that is aggravated by the temporality of the contracts : temporary contracts in the EEC increased by 18%, however fixed contracts were reduced by 2.6% (Source: Odismet and State Public Employment Service (SEPE) ).

Other consequences of this transfer from the ordinary company to the EEC, are the so-called Alternative Measures , created to "solve" the lack of compliance by companies with more than 50 workers, of the obligation to have 2% of personnel with disabilities, by contracting goods and / or services to special employment centers or donating to foundations in an equivalent amount, simply by obtaining a Certificate of Exceptionality from the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to that compliance, a certificate that is not very difficult to obtain.

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