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Needy people get free cars

One day a man came into the workshop. Hans Eidenhammer was 28 years old at the time. The customer wanted a sticker to be made for his car. "But there was nothing left to save, I explained to him that I could not even let him drive him out of the garage," said the 70-year-old mechanic. But the man was desperate: "But I need a car, I have a seriously ill woman who I have to bring to therapy." 

By chance, Eidenhammer knew of a cheap car that was for sale. He organized the vehicle and personally brought it to the family. There he only recognized the seriousness of the situation: "The woman had cancer, the two small children were wearing completely worn clothes. This family was really poor." The father asked for payment in installments for the car, which at the time cost 1,500 shillings. Eidenhammer agreed. On the way home, he changed his mind while driving - he turned around and told the family man that he didn't owe him any money.

It was the first car that Hans Eidenhammer free cars given away gave away. That moment was 42 years ago. Since then, there have been 31 vehicles that the 70-year-old has repaired, serviced or even bought free of charge and passed on to those in need.

Helping others motivates him: "I am doing so well and I am always deeply touched by how bad fate is for some people. I can often only alleviate the need a little, but it is unbelievable how much people then regain hope and bloom directly. " 

For him, a car is not a status symbol, but an important means of transportation that is often irreplaceable: "Without mobility, many people are helpless. I know some single parents who can only afford an apartment in a rural area. But then they need a car, to get to work, because getting around on public transport is not possible or only possible in a very cumbersome manner. Politicians should finally take seriously the issue of affordable housing. "

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