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Free money for poor people

Yet the unconditional money not only directly raised the standard of living of those who receive it, but also increased the number of hours worked and the productivity of work, paving the way for future growth, as s 'have been noticed by researchers.

And the beneficial effect was not only free cars for poor families in the short term, on the contrary. The researchers followed young people over four years, and realized that the recipients " invested most of the allowance in training and businesses ", ending up having " 65% more chances of practicing a trade qualified, mainly in industry and craft services such as carpentry, ironwork, sewing or hairdressing ”.

With the book “  Realistic Utopias  ” by Rutger Bregman (Editions du Seuil, 2017) we are served. It reminds us that there are still prophets of happiness capable of opening wide the windows of our closed and sinister universes and of offering us a horizon made up of a universal income of existence, reduction of working time and opening of the borders. Drawing on many experiences, it reveals the strength and relevance of these utopias. Utopias still today to be evidences tomorrow whose implementations will be generalized to the four corners of the planet as were, in its time, the abolition of slavery or the conquest of democracy.

In this article we will discuss the relevance of the unconditional income allowance with the multiple experiences described by R. Bregman in his book. We should also devote an article to these two other realistic utopias that are "  the 15-hour week  " which calls into question the centrality of work in our societies and which is perfectly articulated with the allocation of a socialized salary in the form a basic income , and "  a world without borders  ", borders for men in a free market for goods, which are the greatest cause of discrimination of all time

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