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Edmond Masjedi- A Businessman Aiming For The Globe.

Edmond Masjedi- A Businessman Aiming For The Globe.

One who does not restrict himself is one who succeeds. Edmond Masjedi does not limit his ideas, abilities, and potential. He believes in letting the mind free of boundaries. It is the only reason why he sets the world his target. A true businessman is not one who is satisfied with small achievements. Edmond Masjedi is someone who wishes to reach the world without fail. He wants his business to do well outside Calfornia and Los Angeles.

The goal of Edmond Masjedi is to see himself in the world. Edmond Masjedi, also known as Eddie Masjedi, wants to be a name everyone knows. He is ambitious and hard-working. He travels across different nations to get to know about their cultures. So, when he knows about the people, he can set up a business that has higher chances of succeeding. Edmond Masjedi is an intelligent man which only makes him a better businessman. His understanding of the world and business is unmatchable. The young people, beginners, and learners should take inspiration from Edmond Masjedi. Why? What is his success story?

Edmond Masjedi started his spree of success when he won IPPC 50% share of the plastic extrusion industry. IPPC was named as the number one straw company in the year 2000. Under his supervision, the industry saw a lot of changes and profits. Later, he invested his expertise in the clothing industry, where he again proved to be an asset for the company. Edmond Masjedi became an important name in the states. Considering the amount of hard work and wins he received, it will not be wrong to call Edmond Masjedi a global identity. The passion and hunger to work more keeps him energetic.

In the year 2016, Edmond Masjedi introduced the world with sweet magic. The result of the invention was also sweet for him. Edmond Masjedi and his wife Shannon Masjedi came up with SnoBar- The Original Frozen Cocktail, which revolutionized the food and beverage industry. It is was the alcohol-infused ice creams that hit the markets and became a huge success. People loved the cocktail flavored ice creams and the real taste of alcohol in their dessert. Margheritas and other cocktails are available in ice creams and popsicles everywhere. The huge success of SnoBar is set to make it worldwide soon. Edmond Masjedi always has plans for future businesses and it is just the beginning for him.

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