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Donate a car for tax

To be eligible for the tax reduction, donations must be disinterested and contain no consideration. They must be carried out for the benefit of associations, foundations, works, endowment funds or public or private donate a junk car organizations. They must be recognized as being of public utility or of general non-profit interest. The General Tax Code specifies in  in which sectors they must work. The following areas of activity are mainly concerned:

  • philanthropic, religious, educational, scientific, social, family, humanitarian, sporting or cultural
  • enhancement of artistic heritage
  • defense of the natural environment
  • dissemination of French culture, language, and scientific knowledge
  • presentation to the public of shows
  • public or private higher or artistic education
  • financing of a press enterprise, electoral financing.

The following types of donations are retained by the tax authorities:

  • sums of money paid to one or more associations
  • donations in kind (in this case, the value of the donation is determined when it is delivered to the beneficiary)
  • the income which individuals decide to renounce for the benefit of associations (for example, in the case of the provision of an association free of charge)
  • the costs incurred by the volunteers within the framework of their associative activity and for which they renounce the reimbursement.
  • Donation by SMS.

The SMS donation allows associations to expand their community of donors. Simple and immediate, the donor must send by SMS to the number transmitted by the association concerned. The amount of the donation is taken from his telephone bill and the telephone operator transfers the amount collected to the association, without transmitting the identity of the donor.

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