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Housing loans for single mothers

A calculation will be made automatically at the time of the credit buyback simulation, the latter will take into account the information provided by the single mom and will survey the various banks in order to offer an estimate of the new reduced monthly payment. In the implementation, a study will be carried out by a financial adviser, who will ask for a list of supporting documents to justify certain amounts and certain elements. After validation of the credit repurchase file and signature of the contract, the funds are released and will make it possible to reimburse each creditor, it is the bank which takes care of all the procedures and the single mother will see appear on her bank accounts only one and a monthly payment taken from the following month.

The first step is therefore quite loans for single mothers naturally to simulate the repurchase of credit to find out whether firstly the financing is possible and secondly to be aware of the repayment conditions offered: amount, duration, monthly payment. This simulation can be performed at any time and especially free of charge, it is an effective way of knowing if this operation can allow you to rebalance your finances over time.

In the United Kingdom, the number of single mothers, that is to say mothers who live with at least one dependent child, increased by 12% to reach 2.3 million between 1996 and 2004. For the daily newspaper British The Guardian  this country is on the verge of becoming the capital of the western world of single parents, due to the number of social assistance granted. This same newspaper argued that there was no gender pay gap but a salary gap for mothers: it would not be being a woman but becoming a mother that would create wage inequalities  In the UK, 1.9 million single parents care for 3.2 million children, or a quarter of British children (24%). By comparison, in 2003 in France, more than 2.5 million children lived in a single-parent family (Cnaf, 2005), and they were 24.9% in 2005.

With regard to the vocabulary they use, mothers living alone with their child (ren) are more willing to define themselves as lone mothers than single or solo mothers (Klett- Davies, 2007). We will therefore include these types of single parenting under the term single mothers, which others still qualify as nuclear single parent families.

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