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How to solve AVG Error Invalid File Signature

AVG or Anti Virus Guard is one of the topmost antivirus virus programs around the world. AVG antivirus gains its popularity because it offers good security features on its freeware. AVG Activate or the paid versions of AVG offer advanced features and tools that secure your data as well as networks. Though it's a well-known antivirus still people face numerous issues while using AVG antivirus. One of the most common errors faced by AVG users is Invalid File Signature. This is a framework security issue that can occur anytime. Invalid file signature error is not a harmful error but any kind of fault on your antivirus can lead to a security breach. Whenever you get this error, you should troubleshoot it as soon as possible.

Common reasons behind AVG Invalid File Signature

  • Your AVG files get corrupted
  • Some program is creating conflict with AVG program files
  • Your registry files get corrupted
  • Invalid configuration of AVG antivirus
  • You are using outdated AVG antivirus

AVG auto-defense option can also lead to this kind of error. Various other reasons can result in an invalid file signature error.

Troubleshooting AVG Invalid File Signature issue:

Reinstall AVG antivirus

Most of the issues of AVG antivirus will get fixed by reinstalling it. If you are using Windows PC then you can uninstall AVG antivirus from program and features. Open your PC and click on the start menu to navigate Control Panel. A list of installed software in the Program and features will appear on your screen. Choose AVG antivirus from the list and hit the uninstall button. After uninstalling AVG antivirus, restart your PC. Now you can reinstall AVG on your PC easily. After installing and activating AVG antivirus; check whether your error gets fixed or not.

Use the System File Checker tool

Corruption in Windows system files can also lead to invalid file signature and various other errors. You can restore the corrupt files by using the system file checker tool. This is a built-in tool for Windows. Open the PC and type command on the search bar. Press the enter button and a dialog box will appear on your screen. Hit the yes button and you will get a black box (command prompt) with a blinking cursor on the screen. Now type sfc/scannow on the black box and press the enter button. The system file checker tool of Windows will start running and scanning all the files. If this tool finds any corrupted Windows file, it fixed the error immediately. You have to follow the on-screen commands to complete the scanning process.

Your PC creates temporary files while accessing any file or program. Once you did the work, these files are of no use. Many people think that temporary files just accumulate space on your PC but these files can also create conflict with various programs. So, you should remove all temporary files and clean out other junk like history files, caches, and cookies from your system on a regular basis.

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