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The advantages of starting an e-commerce site

The world of e-commerce is constantly and rapidly evolving to the point that, according to Netcomm data , 50% of users between 16 and 65 are customers of online stores. In today's economy, offline and online reality are closely linked and merged. You cannot think of not having one of the two presences on the market and obtaining a positive response.

An e-commerce site represents an opportunity in constant growth and development , both for the company that relies on it and for the end user.

The number of companies that are approaching e-commerce is increasing more and more. In addition to the economic advantage, its fixed and variable costs (the purchase of hosting space and the platform, IT, management, administrative and bureaucratic expenses, marketing campaigns ) often represent figures lower than those of the retail trade .

Why make online purchases:

The advantages for those who buy online - compared to those who do it in a physical store - are innumerable and different from each other:

Price competitiveness

In most cases, you can find products or services of interest online at prices far lower than the  physical store market .

Price comparison and information

THE consumer is able to inquire and compare the products and services offered in complete comfort and with detailed information.

Greater availability

E-commerce sites may have specific products available that the potential buyer is struggling to find in retail commerce the area of ​​origin.

Purchase at any time and place

You can consult the list of products and services and then proceed with the purchase at any time, without limitation of days or times.

Cross-platform usability

The importance of being multidevice for an e-commerce site stems from the fact that users are increasingly dedicated to the use of mobile devices. Especially in the conclusion of the purchase phase.

Receipt of goods

All e-commerce sites allow you to choose the most convenient place for sending the goods. Or allow you to receive it personally at specific collection points, present in all major cities.

Varied and secure payment

Cash on delivery, bank transfer, main credit cards, PayPal account are the main payment methods accepted by most e-commerce sites. All banking and transition systems are now aligned to ensure maximum data security and confidentiality.

Right of withdrawal

Also with regard to online purchases, you can legally take advantage of the right of withdrawal.

Legal guarantee

Products sold through e-commerce fall within the guarantee conditions.

Feedback and reviews

Before proceeding with the online purchase, the user tends to consult the opinions of the other buyers and their reviews, then taking them into account in the decision-making phase. He therefore feels reassured by the experiences of those who preceded him in the purchase and by the fact that he can leave his own feedback on the service.

Creating an e-commerce site, however, is not only advantageous for those who buy, but also for the seller himself.

Why become an online seller:

Here are the main advantages for companies that undertake the path of electronic commerce:

Reselling and reduced devaluation

Compared to a retail type reality , an online store devalues ​​much less over time and is more resalable, since it acquires value with the growth of the customer database.

Long-term technical investment

Software and IT solutions can represent moderate expenditure in the launch phase. Over time they prove to be an advantageous and valuable investment: modern and upgradeable tools acquire value even with the experience of those who use them.

Warehouse not necessary

An e-commerce site does not necessarily have to have a warehouse. But it is possible to make agreements with suppliers to take care of storing and shipping the goods directly to the consumer.

Increased business opportunities

An PMI - due to its intrinsic characteristics - is probably linked to a specific territorial area. With an e-commerce it is possible to expand your user base and conquer new market segments.

Monitoring of purchases

Web analytics tools are available, which allow you to get a complete view of the sales trend. It is also possible to monitor the paths made by users, the most viewed products, the transactions carried out and obtain information to profile their target. Therefore implement the effectiveness of each individual campaign and create targeted commercial strategies.

Through an online sales platform, small and large companies can aim to increase turnover and retain their customers . To achieve these goals, quality work and impeccable customer service are essential. It is fundamental to offer a pleasant shopping experience throughout the customer journey .

Both in reality and in the virtual environment, it will be the experiences and emotions that he will try to make his journey positive and allow him to remember his purchase. If the path is not pleasant, the customer will hardly choose the same product again.

By guaranteeing the customer a satisfactory journey towards the purchase , he will become your best ambassador himself . Nothing different from what has always happened offline with word of mouth.

In a reality in which the consumer switches unpredictably from the physical to the digital, to govern marketing tools and use them synergistically, it is necessary to find a partner with whom to share their strategy. The goal is to achieve it to obtain a higher conversion rate and therefore greater profits.

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