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Which Mobile-Friendly Website Designing Technique Is Best?

Which Mobile-Friendly Website Designing Technique Is Best?

No matter which website designing company in Delhi you approach, one of the most important factors to consider is how mobile-friendly the website is. If your site is not mobile-friendly, then you may lose out on 53 percent of mobile users worldwide and 80 percent in India. Smartphones have taken over desktops in terms of internet traffic in most if not all countries. So designing a website that works well on mobile devices is important to reach your target audience. There are three ways you can do it, through responsive design, dynamic serving or mobile-only sites. Here’s what you need to know about them:

What’s Responsive Design?

Responsive design is the type of web design in which the website adapts its elements to the size of the screen it's on without distorting them.

A website designing company in Delhi creates it by using grids and percentage-based CSS codes. These elements combined together allow the site to rearrange web content, CTA buttons, etc. based on whether the user is accessing the site’s link through a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

What Is Dynamic Serving?

Also called adaptive design, dynamic serving is a web designing style in which the designer creates separate themes for separate devices, i.e. one for desktop, one for tablet, one for smartphone, and so on. This allows users to make the most of the site’s features through their devices.

In some cases, the designer can also create separate themes for separate browsers. However, a visitor can use the same link to access the website from different devices.

What Is A Mobile Website?

It’s a separate website for mobile phone users. You can create it by creating a new domain, a subdomain or a subfolder.

Is Responsive Web Design Better Than Adaptive Design And Mobile Site?

Almost every digital marketing agency in Delhi favours responsive website design over mobile-only sites because the former usually loads faster than the latter. They can keep track of the metrics on one site with a responsive theme better than two separate websites. Google also recommends this style.

It’s simpler to develop compared to dynamic serving because you just need to develop one theme for one website, so it doesn’t cost as much to develop.

But many web designers believe that adaptive design is better because it offers themes customized for different devices and loads faster.

Is Dynamic Serving Better Than Responsive Design And Mobile Site?

Dynamic serving is undoubtedly better than mobile sites because you don’t need to redirect visitors to a different link and the theme loads quickly.

It also has major advantages over responsive design, the most important being its quicker loading speed compared to the latter. This can make a huge difference in bounce rates and SERP ranks. It works arguably better on different devices. You can also create themes for feature phones and old computer models and reach consumers in rural areas that have yet to adapt to 4G technology.

But creating a dynamic serving website can take a lot of time, money and effort because the designers need to make separate themes for every webpage to ensure that they work on the devices of your choice.

Is Mobile Website Better Than Responsive And Adaptive Design?

No, it’s not better than either option. No digital marketing agency in Delhi would ever suggest making a mobile site except in rare cases. Google also recommends using the other two options.

The main problem with a mobile site is that when you try to access your website through your phone, it will redirect you to the mobile version, which can increase loading time and bounce rates. It adds to the site maintenance charge because your server is managing two sites. Mobile versions tend to exclude content and features from the desktop site that users might need.

You can avail of it to save on replacing or changing your current desktop site. You can also create a good UI for your visitors.

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