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Know About The 5 Commonly Used Air Purifiers

It is extremely important to breathe in fresh air so as to stay healthy. An air purifier cleanses the air in your home and helps you to breathe in fresh air. You can get best living air purification to remove the dirt particles from your home. There are different types of air-purifiers based on the technique used to clean the air:

1.Ionic air purifiers: These air purifiers operate without a motor. They produce negative ions into the air. These ions bond with airborne particles like dust and make them heavy and eventually they fall out of the air. Also, some of these purifiers contain electrostatic precipitators that trap positively charged particles to a plate located inside the air purifier. Also, you need to regularly clean these purifiers to maintain its functionality.

2.Basic and hepa filters: These filters are widely used by people. Foam, fibreglass or cotton are used to make these filters. These filters follow a simple mechanism to clean the air. The air passes through the filter through HVAC system or through a free standing model. The particulates in the air gets trapped in the filter. It is important to clean these filters at an interval of thirty days so that they continue working properly.

3.Ultraviolet air purifiers: These air-purifiers remove harmful viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from your home by using ultraviolet rays. These purifiers are small and compact machines that clean the air of your home with the help of chambers filled with ultraviolet rays. Also, the inspiration of these purifiers came from hospitals where ultraviolet bulbs are used to disinfect patient rooms and laboratories.

4.Activated carbon air purifiers: Activated carbon air purifiers are perfect to remove smoke, odors, fumes, and gases from your house. Therefore, these purifiers are specially useful to people who are sensitive to smoke and odors. However, it should be kept in mind that these purifiers are not efficient to remove dander, dust, or mold from the air.

5.Electrostatic filters : These filters work by charging the particles present in the air. These particles are then collected in the plates within the machine, resulting in the air getting purified. The plates of these filters should be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain its efficiency.

Out of all these types of filters, you can select one according to your need and budget. If you are having problem in finding living fresh air purifier in the local market, then you can easily get them from online websites.

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